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How cheerfully to kill time at boring lecture, developing at the same time intelligence?

Today we will talk about value of methodological problems in modern science. This subject is especially important in our course because it ee... will help you to understand and analyse ... etc. How many times we heaved a deep sigh, hearing similar florid phrases from creaking lips of the aged teacher of some sociology. We, of course, very much respect teachers, but from it it becomes more interesting on their occupations not. And here, sitting on one of the last ranks, we are forced to sit stupidly and, having fixed the gaze in the lecturer, to strenuously try to hypnotize the unfortunate old man. The trick, of course, does not pass, and attempts come to an end, as a rule, with an ordinary dream under this monotonous lullaby.

Of course, it is possible to read the book, but this occupation is fraught with a dream too. And it is not really convenient to drag a knizhention with itself in institute / University / school. It is possible to draw, but, is given to me, all these cheerful mugs, figures and other masterpieces of writing-book painting already captivated all free pages. There is still an option - game. If yet races and shooter games on the mobile phone did not bother, then it is an exit. And if bothered (that most likely so), then welcome to the world bumazhno - verbal games! So, the first that it is necessary - to sit down to start any game far away from teaching eyes together with the companion or several adherents . It is better to explain rules of the game to all to participants to couple not to become the victims of repressions and not to be put out of doors.

The first game is called Head . Quite symbolical name, in my opinion. For game in a head you need one on all a leaf in a section and the writing objects. I hope, all of you bring these things in educational institution. Further you draw on a leaf a square of 5 by 5 cm (who does not know, 1 cm = 2 sections). You break a square into small small squares on 4 cages. Then you think out any word (a noun in the singular, nominal) consisting of 5 letters, for example a head . This word needs to be entered across in the middle of your square, that is in the third line. After the word is entered, we begin to play. You begin. You need to add one letter to already entered word so that other word turned out. It can be read in any direction, except diagonal. On the left, to the right, down, up, and some time can refract. The main thing that letters went everything one after another, without gaps. For example, to our word a head we attribute to the letter to , and we write it in a cage which is under the first letter and . The word a varnish turned out . Or it is possible under second and to attribute to the letter r , and then will turn out gift . The word it can is necessary to consist from how many letters, but the more the better, that at whom in the sum more letters will collect wins. Game comes to an end when all cages are filled. In each cage on 1 letter, letters are entered by players in turn. After each course so many points how many letters in the word made by it register in the account of the player. To play a head very interestingly, especially with clever people. Find such in the group. Words, by the way, have to be nouns in singular, nominal.

The following game is called Short flight of stairs . 5 squares adjoining to each other lateral faces are drawn. Squares go as reduction: the biggest 7 on 7 cages, then 6 on 6, 5 on 5, 4 on 4, and, at last, (as you guessed???) 3 on 3. The lower parties of squares have to go one line, then something will turn out like a short flight of stairs. Each player has such short flight of stairs. Now we choose any letter, for example, of and . Each participant enters in the squares the letters and . In each square of a letter go on diagonal, since the top left corner to the lower right. Then it is necessary to enter in each line of all squares by the word with participation of the letter and . In the top word the letter and will be on the first place, in the following word - on 2 - m the place, etc. The one who will most quicker fill the squares with words wins. - not to spy the main thing.

The following game at us has no name, but, it seems to me, many already played it. Especially those who watched transmission Hour of triumph with Sergey Suponev. Rules are extremely simple. We choose the long word, for example car insurance . Each player writes this word on the leaf, and then we note time. It can be 7 - 10 minutes as you want. During this time everyone has to make as much as possible other words of this long word. At the same time if in the long word only one any letter, then in their made word cannot be two. For example, the words car insurance cannot make the word of our wind because we have no second letter e . All words have to be, as always, nouns in singular, nominal. When time expired, we begin calculation of words. Everyone in turn tells one word. If someone has it too, then and it, and the author delete at themselves it. If at anybody is not present any more, then the author of the word leads round it in a circle. As a result that who will have most than such words wins.

Here so it becomes. Play and win. I need only to wish you less boring lectures more in time the passed examinations!