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Who lives in The House of the Speaking Animals ?

Every year we - Animals - celebrate the professional holiday - the World day of animals. Though in Russia it is celebrated on October 4 since 2000, it entered our family not so long ago, since March 3, 2007. This day on light the little man was born. All this Zoo also began with its emergence (or Zuu, from English zoo ) into which our family turned.

You judge. At our place there live the following types of the Main Animals:

Dexterous Zhivotinka Barsik. Barsik is ours 1,5 - the one-year-old son, in playful mood. In such state the ball is capable to drive long time, to read (that is, to tear up) books, to rattle toys. At first it was a fighting Madagascar burunduchok because shouted much and ate. Then it was gradually reduced to a badger. Well, and Barsik became just owing to the reservation the badger is Barsik (we will not tell who made a reservation though it was the father). Dexterous it because that having hardly got on feet began to beat a ball and to shout at the same time Hectare - and - and! what in translation from badger means goal .

Clever Zhivotinka Begemotik that means actively adjusted our daughter. In this mood she usually climbs on a sports complex, and then falls heavily (well, that is, it is silent - about - about - nechno jumps off) from it on a floor. Therefore also Begemotik. At the same time in the incomplete 8 years has really encyclopedic knowledge, writes verses and composes small stories, for example, As Barbie traveled .

So we have two Zhivotinka, one clever, and other strong. And dexterous. And still there are two Animals who long ago grew from Zhivotinok.

The main Animal the Dragon means the father who is adjusted in a fighting way (for example, to repair something, to prepare, to tear down...) . A dragon at us the father on year of birth, and here main - according to the status. Mother, of course, too main, but it is impossible to take away the status from the father! Therefore mother - the Important Animal the Leveret (The leveret because..., well just surname such). By the way, on December 4 the Important Animal the Leveret celebrates the anniversary birthday.

Besides Main Animals from time to time run Auxiliary : a kitten, pigs, hares, small fishes (sometimes adult Animals do not want to go to work, at them handles and legs vanish and they become Small fishes), snakes, gophers, lions, cheetahs and the other living creatures living in the House of the Speaking Animals.

And recently Dexterous Zhivotinka Barsik brought new Animals. At us appeared Ma is Pa and The Pa is Ma . However, Barsik refused to comment on characteristics of new Animals so far.

Obviously follows from all above-mentioned that all individuals of ZOO are the most valuable, most rare and most unique concentrate of various types of representatives of fauna of the planet Earth. Therefore they have to be included in all security books of the world and in the most strict way to be preserved according to a law letter.

Someone will ask and why Animals? The answer is very simple.

All this we, the person is the same mammal, as well as many other animal species. And, who knows, perhaps, in private conversation some of them call themselves people.