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How to lighten mood during a rain? We cook the " cake; Autumn marathon ! Many consider

fall as a sad time - rains, cold, the soiled footwear, need to put on warm clothes and to drag with themselves umbrellas, plus to it is early nightfall. Che noia mortale!

I noticed for a long time that I receive the greatest number of sms in the fall - someone from relatives will surely be depressed.

And phone in dank autumn days is broken off, especially, if the rain decides to set in in the day off.

Having left a shower, I open an entrance door and at once I feel small drops of a rain on the face. There now, again... Not to allow a rain to spoil to me mood since the morning, I right there include Dzhivs and Worcester . Doing household chores, I glance at the big-eared pets - judging by their sleepy look, the rain will drag on for a long time...

And here the call is distributed. Having seen number on determinant, I laugh in a tube:

- Pronto! Doctor Kurpatov on a wire!.

- Help! We have rain! So toskl - iiiya - AI - in! - I hear not a so vigorous voice of the girlfriend.

Oh, this Moscow rain! My friend would know as I miss it! We have rains - absolutely other song. They are followed by strong winds, and sometimes and hurricanes. A few years ago I got to such hurricane with the horse - then we by miracle managed to escape...

But I got used. Also learned to lighten mood in such rainy days not only itself, but also others.

- And we have rain! And I wanted to be run on the avenue in new suede boots, represent!.

- What a pity that you is so far! Now would arrange marathon running on the avenue together or were engaged in something else... It is good still that there is phone... What will we do?

- You have already dinner? I - am not present. Here, I want to bake cake. The husband gathered hazelnuts - I want to put them on use. . Let`s bake together?

- And that for cake? - the girlfriend is interested. - I just bought the other day nuts...

The girlfriend is inspired, and we begin to discuss the recipe, it is necessary that both had necessary products. We decide to bake the " cake; Autumn marathon - the name was thought up by itself.

Continuing to stir, we open refrigerators - lockers, we spread on a table all necessary for cooking:

3 eggs,

of 150 grams of the softened butter,

of 125 grams of flour,

of 125 grams of the nuts crushed in powder,

of 125 grams of sugar,

a salt pinch.

While the girlfriend tells me jokes, I say to her what needs to be done:

- At first we break eggs, we separate the whites from the yolks. Properly we shake up yolks with sugar - to a pobeleniye. We add the sifted flour and we mix...

- is clear. As it is good that phone has a public address system - conveniently!

- Yes, it also did not dream our grandmothers... We add the softened butter, nutlets and a pinch of salt...

Periodically we should stop - our mixers interrupt us. We beat whites, we add them to already ready weight. Washing subabusing adds to dough the crushed dried fruits, and I - a chocolate crumb. Now it was necessary only to pour out everything in the loaf pan oiled...

Conversation continues, and cake goes to an oven: at first for 10 minutes at a temperature of 210 degrees With, then for 40 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees of Page

Under lovely conversation in kitchen it is tided up quicker. Later the put time we check readiness of cake, having pierced it a knife. On a knife there is no test trace left, cake is ready! Now it was necessary to pull out it from a form and to cool.

I make the favourite white tea, and the girlfriend - black. Yes, it is a pity that we far apart, but what happiness that there is phone!

I come to a verandah and again I open a door... The rain stopped, and so pure air, fresh, invigorating!

Nevertheless, I think, as in such weather there is the charm. I go to a garden with a tray on which there is a plateau with tasty cake, a beautiful cup with tea and phone, which all also on a public address system. In a garden birds begin to chirp, they wail so loudly that even my friend hears them, and the mood becomes even better.

We continue to stir, drinking tea and enjoying taste of our cake. The girlfriend speaks, as they finished a rain. Both of us have an excellent mood. The girlfriend gathers for walk with a dog, and I, having put on bright gumboots, I am going to the beach:

- The marathon on the avenue will be another time... - I draw a finger an intricate pattern on suede of new boots. - And now I just want to splash on pools!.