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How it is correct to buy the computer? Part 1.

Already sank into oblivion those times when the computer of the house was luxury and cost very decent money. Now this means, communication, entertainment and work became well much.

But with growth of productivity and falling of cost, appeared a huge number of accessories which are capable to turn your computer or into the powerful car of the inveterate gamer by which games will frighten by the realness, or into system of work with graphics, such that Raphael would hang with envy, or in the assembled and good office tool allowing you to save plenty of time and capable it is essential to facilitate to you life.

Approximately with frequency of times a month I am called by friends, acquaintances, colleagues approach. In total with the same request Help to buy the " computer;. Often people want everything and at once and it is desirable without understanding cheaper that now it is impossible to buy the universal computer performing all tasks ideally.

Therefore at me formulated a number of questions which I at once set to potential future owner of a miracle of hostile thought under the name - " computer;. As a rule even the simplest of them enter the person into a stupor and he begins to speak - Well you pick up something . And so my dear in order that to the expert to pick up something he needs to know that the person wants to receive from the computer. If you decided

to buy the electronic friend, but badly understand and will address the expert before to please it, answer these in effect very simple questions, and believe even if the expert your own brother / husband / father (necessary to emphasize), he will be grateful to you for the fact that accurately you know what want.

Question No. 1: Why you want to buy the computer?

If earlier, people the having spare cash and very badly understanding a question subject bought the computer because well because it was fashionable, then now most of people after all can partially answer it. The truth these answers in the majority the general. For work For children For study here standard set of answers.

If you cannot formulate the answer more precisely, then you can just come to the pleasant computer salon and will offer you at choice as - time such configurations of computers, already collected and adjusted. They often and are called - For work Game Office .

Only after that I advise not to be surprised that the child instead of doing homework is cut on the electronic friend in the last, most modern version of some computer shooter game. Your designer complains that the monitorchik to him is small, and you to print qualitative documents in a large number need not the video card working in the SLI mode, and the normal laser printer instead of color jet.

The answer to this question needs to be submitted more in detail. If you want a universal set, then as I wrote above you receive neither fish, nor " meat;. Sense to play games to unpack nothing seriously, and about special it is possible like professional work with graphic packages and that similar things can forget in general.

If you buy the computer for work, then at once be defined:

- to you needs only the pishchushchy machine?

- you plan to print much?

- large volume of the stored data?

- and you are sure that all this?

The computer for the house - here a question too not unambiguous.

What you on it plan to do? It is not necessary to speak at once - to play. Once approached me the companion and asked to help to pick up the home computer then hesitated and asked, And it is possible to make so that on it it was impossible to play? On a reasonable question - Absolutely? the answer - " followed; Whenever possible . There were at it two children and he just did not want that they ruined time for games.

I Will make a reservation at once, not the so game computer cannot be bought, the industry of computer games goes from a tetris in which bricks were drawn by square brackets [] and for work it was not required 4 - x the nuclear processor. Even in now in any operating system there is a standard set of unpretentious games, and to play solitaire " Kerchief; this the second to what people study after begin to turn on the computer independently.

as a result to the companion was picked up the computer with very modest characteristics of productivity, and for the saved sum the good printer and the special keyboard of a high-speed set was acquired. Its wife was engaged in professional stuffing of the text and took orders for the house.

The computer under some specific objective.

C such to questions in the majority different familiar heads of commercial structures who do not have the programmer address.

Here answers can be two:

- the First option is the ordinary computer for maintaining accounts department at the enterprise.

- the Second option is more difficult. It is really specialized work for example on imposition of posters, creation of difficult analytical reports by means of resource-intensive programs. In this case it is better to take an interest at first in it at the person who will do all this. Narrow-purpose experts in the majority itself know that it is necessary for them, and the list already received can be corrected by means of the programmer.

Well and at last - the Game computer.

Of course, people like my companion described above, a little, all of us are a few children, and many have also children. There is a wish after work will relax and to have a rest and play a little bit. to Feel as

as you almost actually drive a latest model of Ferrari and feel as this beauty snatches out of hands a wheel in turns or though for a couple of hours to stay the king ruling in millions of destinies, or to become though for a minute the sniper in an ambush who is long tracing a target estimating, the direction the wind force, ranges, and at the time of a shot will not be enough only powder ashes and a push in a shoulder. at the same time you do not want

that the badge with a horse, reared, on brightly - a red cowl, looked as a set of unintelligible small squares, flying by over the state of the house were displayed by blots of indistinct color, and monsters at you in a sight twitched so as if they it is universal suffer from cerebral spastic infantile paralysis.

So games. Actually there is no limit to perfection, and everything rests only against the top ceiling of the sum which you are ready to pay. But even it is desirable here will be defined what of games you seduce most of all. If you prefer strategy the big screen is necessary if the fan of speed, perhaps suits you the game manipulator - a wheel, and fans of modern shooter games require a latest model of the video card.