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What director is the most versatile figure of cinema? Robert Rodriguez of

Quite large number of the people working in the sphere of cinema do not even think that they do art. For such people of cinema is not so much creative process, how many daily work and a standard source of earnings on bread and butter.

Contrary to them other people for whom cinema - all this that surrounds them act absolutely. It both career, and friends, and inexpressible pleasure. It is possible to call the person about whom the speech will go the informal representative of this category as he loves cinema up to the soul depth. And a name to this person - Robert Rodriguez .

That fact is not surprising at all if you suddenly never heard this name. Unfortunately, it is hard to say that it can be put in one list with Steven Spielberg or Martin Skortseze. It has no nomination on Oscar or Gold " globe; however it did not prevent it to receive the status of the most versatile figure of cinema according to the Guinness Book of Records. As in the movies it is not limited just to direction or the scenario, and does everything : director, screenwriter, producer, operator, sound producer, composer, expert in effects And it is not the complete list of role which Robert can execute within one movie.

Since the childhood Robert liked to play a role of the director and when matured, could realize the dream really. The first movie of Rodriguez the eight-minute short film " is considered; Hair on end (Bedhead) where leading roles were played by members of his family. But it was only warm-up on the way to the full movie.

The unknown director without continuous earnings could not involve producers literally with anything, however even on shootings of the shortest movie money is necessary. It would be impossible to earn them from usual work therefore within a month Robert participates in medical tests of new drugs. He had to endure a lot of things, but at the end he all - received treasured $3000. 4000 more the friend Carlos Gallardo added it, and shootings began

Musician (1992) - the first full movie of Robert Rodriguez which brought it glory. The leading role in the movie was played by already mentioned Carlos, and supporting roles were played by ordinary passersby Mexicans who wish to be lit in the movie. Film-making process lasted only two weeks then the movie was sent to court of producers. The movie was pleasant to them, and even more than 200 thousand were added to the budget of the movie which were spent for promotion and hire at movie theaters.

1994 brought to Robert work on the movie Racers which for the unclear reasons went as the television project, and acquaintance to Quentin Tarantino who it becomes mutual one of the best friends of the director. In a year Robert continues the history Musician only now the budget makes 7 million, and in the movie professional actors, led by Antonio Banderas are involved. Thus, in 1995 leaves Desperate .

In the same 1995 Quentin Tarantino invites him in the " project; Four rooms where Robert removes the most ridiculous segment from four - Troublemakers . Next year cooperation of two directors continues and Robert removes From a decline till the dawn according to Quentin`s scenario where the last also executes one of leading roles.

Left in 1998 Faculty was only intermediate in the course of preparation for shootings of one of the main projects of the director - Children of spies . The idea taken from own segment from Four rooms in perfection it was untwisted in Children of spies . Thanks to this movie Robert for the first time overcame a mark of 100 million on a box office. Before its movies at best earned 30 million.

The second part of the movie was apprehended quite abstinent, and the third, transferred to 3D, achieved the greatest success, having collected nearly 200 million dollars. At the same time there is the second and third part From a decline till the dawn where Robert was marked out only as the producer and the scriptwriter.

2003 marked end of the trilogy about the musician in the movie Once in Mexico. Desperate - 2 . The movie was apprehended quite cold therefore the idea to shoot one more movie about adventures of the musician disappeared automatically. The next year passed rather quietly, except for friendly aid (for 1 dollar) to Quentin Tarantino in writing of a soundtrack for To Kill Bill - 2 .

One of the main projects - the screen version of a series of comics of Frank Miller Sin City - Robert began in 2005. In the course of shootings it returned to Tarantino symbolical dollar for the help in shootings of some scenes. The movie made enormous success, not so much according to the cash plan how many among fans of cinema. In parallel with it Robert removed secret continuation Children of spies - Adventures of Sharkboya and Lava which appeared on the brink of collapse.

But thoughts at Robert were already absolutely about another. Work with Tarantino so carried away it that now he planned the new project. Grayndkhaus (Molotilnya in narrow circles) was mix from two movies of the famous directors: Planet of fear Rodriguez and Proof of death Tarantino. To, after and between movies there were false teasers from friends of directors, such as Elay Roth or Rob Zombi.

Today it is the latest work of Robert, and ahead still it is necessary to make a lot of things that came to light the second and third part Sin City who with accurate frequency are constantly had. Now the release of both movies is planned for 2010. Mostly, Robert did not reach the blossoming in any of the roles in cinema yet, but it has still all ahead