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Why hepatologists sound alarm in the fall?

In - the first because it is a season diseases of dirty hands - hepatitis A. This disease is especially actively shown in November and even in December, after the incubatory period. In the summer people had a rest, bathed, drank water in vacation spots, and in 2 - 3 months they have a weakness and so-called catarrhal symptoms - cough, cold. Often in this case put ORZ, and then the patient turns yellow and the diagnosis becomes obvious - hepatitis A.

In - the second, under a syndrome of autumn chronic fatigue the hepatitis C. Person often masks it is long feels bad, he is tormented by constant fatigue, feeling of weakness, is long the proceeding fever, but and does not come to its mind to be checked for existence of a virus of hepatitis.

Why the person loses to hepatitis?

Mainly because underestimates danger. It is possible to call any illness the enemy of the person, but hepatitis lays claim to the main thing.

Times when this illness was called in monosyllables, passed long ago. It adapted the alphabet for transfer of the names and forced mankind to tremble, having become the most widespread disease in the world. Artfully changing masks, the illness constantly holds the person under the threat of new powerful attack, having driven the opponent into long defense. The person manages to take from defense the offensive infrequently. Having armed with the strongest microscopes, he qualifies new viruses. Today them already eight: And, B, C, D, E, G, TTV, Sen.

Viruses of hepatitis have the difficult nature, some of them, for example, hepatitis B, are very persistent in external environment, others differ in fatal ability to variability. So, the hepatitis C virus, like a chameleon, changes the proteinaceous structure, and immune cages of a human body cannot distinguish it, the virus beats system of protection. Distribution of hepatitis A is promoted by preservation of its virus in water from 3 to 10 months, infection most often happens at the use of the infected water.

How to struggle with the hepatitis And ?

First of all to show vigilance. Most often the neglect is rules of hygiene the reason of infection. This type of hepatitis is called illness of dirty hands - from - for kontaktno - a household way of infection. Infecting agents get into a human body through a mucous membrane zheludochno - an intestinal path, then with blood are brought in a liver.

It is inevitably formed as experts speak, the epidemic center - group, for example, family. Pay attention that children and young people, a susceptibility to a virus are ill not being ill people more often - absolute.

At emergence of catarrhal symptoms, diarrheas, temperatures, the headache should prick up the ears, especially in case you visited places of possible distribution of hepatitis: Turkey, Ukraine and others. It can turn out that your indisposition - so-called preicteric period. It is remarkable that with emergence jaundices the health improves, it is very important diagnostic sign. It is shown jaundice and there is an appetite, weakness leaves. Hepatitis A has one more feature: he is not chronic. Unpleasant illness shoots on a liver, as they say, but it is curable, there are no chronic forms also in it its advantage.

By what hepatitis B and C is dangerous how to prevent infection?

in recent years big threat is posed by kinds of hepatitis which major harmful factor is chronic development of an illness, and the virus - the activator gets to an organism through blood. It is hepatitis B and C, these forms have no seasonal fluctuations, and it is possible to ache at all seasons of the year. Today hepatitis C represents real threat to health of many nations on all continents.

This opponent will exhaust you other manifestations: its symptoms - dispepsicheskiya (disorder of digestion) and artralgicheskiya (articulate pains). It is not necessary to wait for improvement of health at emergence of jaundice, chronic process with the expressed phenomena of intoxication and even with development of a necrosis of a liver is formed.

Insidiousness of hepatitis C is shown that the sharp phase is not noticed, at 40% of patients it proceeds asymptomatically, so - early treatment is not appointed.

Doctors consider as a basic sign the parenteral anamnesis, that is, infection through blood. It is a so-called blood transmissivny infection, the virus gets to blood in various ways:

- at intravenous administration of drugs, drawing headdresses, piercing, a peeling;

- at sexual contacts;

- at blood transfusion, plasma and blood substitutes;

- lechebno - diagnostic manipulations, surgery, at pregnancy and childbirth;

- through the injured skin and mucous membranes at household microinjuries.

Try to make everything that in your forces to prevent infection - do not use others manicure or shaving sets, visit the hairdressing salons having devices of disinfection of tools and, of course, lechebno - the diagnostic establishments having disposable tools. And here you should not be afraid of blood-sicking insects, at their sting infection is impossible.

Whether it is possible to cure hepatitis C?

to Recognize in time - here the motto of modern methods of fight against hepatitis C. Until recently the forecast at this disease was menacing, but every year chances to cure it all increases. Actual frequency of vyzdorovleniye at correctly planned modern treatment of hepatitis C reached 60 - 90% in the world.

Treatment prevents a carcinoma, cirrhosis, autoimmune hepatitises, that is, severe forms of morphological changes of a liver. Strategy and tactics are developed by the hepatologist. At a blood test the qualitative and quantitative content of a virus in an organism is defined. If it is minimum, it is possible to do without antiviral preparations: diet and gepatoprotektor.

To appoint antiviral treatment, it is necessary to examine carefully the patient, to carry out a liver biopsy. Treatment by antiviral preparations quite long and expensive, but within the " program; The priority national project in health sector are formed by certain criteria of group for free treatment. You remember also that inoculations will help to be saved from hepatitis. Against hepatitis A and B there are vaccines, there are programs of vaccination and doctors advise to take root.