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What holiday was the most favourite in the childhood? Probably, New year... Part 1

Since the time of Peter the Great in Russia got used to be met New Year in the middle of the winter. As a symbol of this holiday serves the big fir-tree decorated with special New Year`s toys. New Year is associated at children with an entertainment, gifts and fun also now. Several weeks prior to a holiday of a show-window of shops are already decorated with multi-colored garlands and tinsel, the posters reporting about carrying out various fascinating festive actions - special New Year`s film screenings and theatrical representations, morning performances, skating and everywhere hang on the sledge, competitions in a throwing of snowballs and just cheerful festivities.

Even after October Revolution children and adults did not stop loving this holiday, and as a result there was a special decree about celebration of New Year. Still in 30 - e years in clubs of various enterprises arranged fir-trees for children of workers and just children from neighboring houses. Most important Fir-tree the countries it was spent in the Columned Hall At home of the Unions. This magnificently arranged action is mentioned in works of many Soviet writers of that time, for example, visited this fir-tree Volodya Dubinin in Lev Kassil`s story Mladshego Syna Street . Fir-trees were carried out in red corners big houses, it is reflected in the movie Commandant of Snow Fortress - on to a fir-tree reconciliation of commanders of belligerent parties took place, in the same place it became clear who was mysterious the girl - a star - this is Zhenya Alexandrova made to herself such suit by a holiday.

I happened to visit in the childhood New Year`s morning performances in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, in Sports palace in Luzhniki, and also in " club; Spark in our house. The plastic Kremlin tower in which I was handed candies in the Kremlin was long stored at me until I gave it to Sasha, and still I have a trunk in which presented candies to my mother on the Kremlin fir-tree in 1972. From a fir-tree in Luzhniki inhabitants of our quarter traditionally did birds feeders of plastic alarm clocks. Wadded Father Frost from my childhood was scattered in dust therefore I put under a fir-tree of a Christmas angel in whom the small candle burns. Also I hang up on synthetic fir-tree branches a different trifle which usually lies at me in a case - ancient buttons, jingles from a horse harness, Christmas tree decorations of times of the childhood - a stratosphere balloon, characters of the fairy tale about Chipollino, different animals, small lamps, the girl in a winter coat remained at me also. But I protect them as a rarity, and here the neighbor who kept even more old New Year`s knickknacks every time decorates with them a fir-tree, and surely some toy breaks, but so always happens, so was both at us, and in the childhood I did not even cry from - for it. Here still the episode at Kassil when Volodya Dubinin brought in catacombs several toys from a fir-tree which the German officers arranged at themselves in a staff was remembered. One of them was crushed by the commander of group when on pleasures rushed to embrace the young intelligence agent, but pleasure from a holiday it did not spoil at all.

New Year`s morning performances at us were prepared excitedly, rehearsed roles. Scenarios for the largest fir-trees the famous children`s writers created. Sometimes fir-tree it turned out very much peculiar - so, I remember how in the Kremlin Father Frost was kidnapped by alien robots (I shouted about it to the Snow Maiden when that asked a question to the hall), there was both a school disco, and other vanguard there. In Luzhniki the celebration of a holiday was disturbed by the Wolf from Wait a moment! dressed in a foppish white suit, he headed a gang of pirates, submitted to him itself Barmalya, the old woman Shapoklyak also helped to create crimes. On to a fir-tree in " club; Spark Shapoklyak besides repaired intrigues, and Father Frost called her madam Shapoklyak and she was at the same time a witch and the enemy spy. Generally, the plots twirled stronger other thriller and naskovz impregnated with konjyuktury. But in general on fir-trees it was always cheerful. I remember, on to a fir-tree for children of staff of the Soviet embassy and trade mission I played a role of the Cockerel who helped the Hare who got lost in the wood on the way to Father Frost in Zambia. However, was late with emergence - the tail disturbed, and I removed it, and it was succeeded to put on again not at once...