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And how about to learn at school of dream?

In 10 years (at someone - 11, and at someone - and all 12) studies at school in ours, according to Sherlock Holmes, attics were pushed and stamped the mass of data which most part never was useful subsequently to us. I, perish the thought, am not proud of it at all, but I had to solve quadratic equations only in the educational purposes. And how many I solved them...

Or perhaps everything is not so sad. Perhaps, without general view on a thing we could not criticize the school program now so haughtily. Anyway, now, when it is not necessary to do homeworks when it is not necessary to hand over sessions and to defend theses, now - it is a high time to study what wants and as there is a wish.

What objects to choose? We will leave names, whenever possible, old, and here contents we will fill with it for what to us it is necessary.

1. Traffic regulations. . In the first class. The whole year was said that - cost red, green - go . Even if on receiving the rights there is neither time, nor money, - that nobody forbids the rule to read and learn. And the test according to the theory on a free applet - the exercise machine to pass too.

And in general if you still have no rights and the routine jammed, then to go to driving school - excellent idea. Expensive (though - as for whom, probably... At everyone the problems: who has liquid Russian cabbage soup, who has small diamonds ) but cool attraction. Besides - a fine opportunity to get new acquaintances. The author still with easy nostalgia remembers times when late Saturday morning during a big break between lectures we ran in a cafe opposite to driving school. Instructors are different, but in - the first, them it is possible (and it is necessary - if you are not satisfied with quality of its work) to change, and in - the second if to you carries with the instructor, then in your life will become one Teacher more. I will never forget the, I always remember with gratitude and sometimes I hear its voice at myself in the head .

2. Geography. With the emphasis on

and) the next vicinities (it is a little crossed with traffic regulations)

) and places of possible / alleged rest.

3. Foreign languages. Happens that a language course is arranged the employer. Such opportunity a sin not to use, courses both are paid, and go to offset of working hours, and simply - increases of your qualification force the employer to admit the fact - he invested in it! Viewing of movies in a foreign language - too is considered. You not just watch the Mexican soap opera, you learn Spanish!

4. Native language. It is forgotten. Especially under influence padonkaffsky dialect, Albanian and translitas. As someone neatly noticed, the literary language - our criminal fenya . Literacy - as the handbag not striking in appearance from prestigious firm - will allow devoted unmistakably to define the person of the circle. Reading (but only qualitative!) fiction - too in the account.

5. Work. I do not know who as, but personally me on works at high school was taught two things:

- to saw a fret saw plywood on indirect lines;

- and to do of round metal preparation square (sorry, parallelepipedny) preparation by means of a file (which the similar task was performed, probably, by several generations of my predecessors).

A certain philosophical view of a world order similar regular trainings for several hours a week, undoubtedly, imparted. But also only. What really then it would be useful to me in life?

1. The device and maintenance of the car (no, well really that it should - have bought for hundred rubles one musornik on all school and on its example to tell that to what?) .

2. Bathroom equipment.

3. Repair work.

4. Construction.

Profile objects. Here - at everyone the, depending on the chosen profession. If work is pleasant, then and there is a wish to be improved in it constantly.

Very well it is also useful to arrange to himself design weeks which result will be a paper written by itself favourite for itself favourite with methodical recommendations of practical character for itself favourite. Piece goods!

A century live, a century - study!