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What masons are guilty of?

Masons, masons Whatever problems arose in the world, political, economic or social, there will always be people who consider masons as their main responsible. It became already habitual, and inhabitants almost do not reflect why masons are suspected of wrecking of really universal scale. Why the English craft guild (namely so in the 12th century there began masons) became talk of the town and whether really masons are so powerful what can influence a world order?

Yes, yes, free bricklayers - it is only medieval labor union of the English builders having rights of free movement over the country without regard to the tough law on podatny settled life. Such craft guilds played an important role at first in life of the cities, and then and in country life. The largest of them had the right to send the representatives to city councils and even participated in elections of parliament. From this it becomes clear, as at the beginning of the existence free bricklayers were close to the power and policy.

In 1411 the London shop of bricklayers (a box prototype) was included in number of official establishments. And since 1481 the decree of the king it was authorized to representatives of this shop to wear a uniform. Thus, they acquired all those rights and privileges which the largest and influential guilds of handicraftsmen had. All this was very attractive not only to builders. And artists, philosophers and reformers began to enter guild. By then craft guilds began to fall into decay and to disappear. Reformatory and utopian ideas fashionable at that time get into guild of bricklayers. Masons find an image, habitual for us, builders societies. Their ideology is under construction that any big business needs to be made together. Affected mystery did not do in a freemasonry and without religion, an occultism and, apparently.

In the 18th century masons finally become the secret organization with the rules, rituals of dedication and symbolics. By the way, the symbolics often becomes stumbling block for accusers of masons. In particular, " symbol; Eye of Omniscience it is represented on banknotes of the USA, Nicaragua and Ukraine, it gives a reason to accuse masons of control of world economy.

But the main thing what accuse masons, it, so-called " of; Masonic plot . Often and seriously speak about it at the heavy and tragic moments of world History. According to those who trust in Masonic plot its purpose is establishment of a new world order with single world currency, with deleting of national and religious distinctions between the people.

One more charge to masons - creation " follows from this theory; shadow government which, allegedly, at a given time will accept the power from the official government. That there then information that high officials consist in Masonic lodges appears, respectively, influence of masons on the power can be quite real...

It is impossible to tell, however, unambiguously, these suspicions or they - a fruit of the imagination of the irresponsible society ready to write off the mistakes and crimes for the secret organization are truthful.