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What a pitchfork is? Magic!

we Will lay aside that pitchfork that are the manual agricultural tool and represent several teeths on a long handle. Let`s talk better about spirits - women that were called quite so - a pitchfork. And also a self-pitchfork, self-miracles etc. of

It is characters of mythology of the southern Slavs, similar to analogs in the European cultural tradition, from Ancient Rome to Germany, England, Scandinavia. You remember Giselle ? After death it became villisy. And at G. Heine in Winter`s Tale the legend of the girls who died on the eve of a wedding and therefore not finding rest in graves is twisted. The same legend formed the basis of a plot of the opera of J. Puccini Villisa .

However Slavs adhere to other version of an origin of a pitchfork, believing that those are born from a grass or morning dew. Academician B. Fishermen in this regard suggests that these spirits in a maiden appearance - the same, as mermaids. Brockhaus and Efron of the same opinion concerning a water pitchfork (unlike mountain). Meanwhile, it is represented that there is no full coincidence of images of a pitchfork and mermaids. And travno - the rosny origin has them alternative, and not one.

In the Serbian song from a name a pitchfork it is sung:

To me the mountain - the cloud gave birth;

Morning dew fell -

Me, a country house, vspoit;

From the mountain - clouds wind blew -

Me, a country house, sang lullabies; my nurses were


it was also assumed by i that the beautiful girl could be turned into a country house. There are several Christian versions. On one of them Christ`s sister damned by God for a vainglory beauty surpassing that that was at the brother became the progenitress of a pitchfork. On another, the ancestor they are called the daughter of Eve whom that hid from God. And the most unpleasant says that they from Cain`s blood were born.

However, slender winged beauties - a self-pitchfork quite often patronized people, especially young men. In particular, helped yunaka (the young athletes or soldiers battling against the Turkish sultan). In one Russian fairy tale white-faced twisted helped Pyotr to distinguish pretense of his beloved.

Was considered also that over these ptitsedeva it was possible to find the power if to take control of their wings, either a crown, or a dress. In this case twisted could become the ordinary woman, go in marriage for appropriated her property, give birth to it to children... The children raised by such mother had extraordinary beauty and force.

The pitchfork which had prophetic knowledge protected offended and orphans, could bring happiness, provide a rich harvest, endow with gold - silver, to care for children, to cure wounds. These weightless beings knowing everything the properties of plants owning secret of live and dead water were famous for Tselitelsky force so that in case of an illness addressed them at means... a hawthorn which and was called - vilino a tree. To it brought a bowl with wine and asked a country house to rescue bolezny.

Epithets white-faced, white, zlatokosy, sweet which allocate a pitchfork in Slavic folklore and also their vestments consisting of light clothes or covers, the description of swan wings also say that they were perceived by our ancestors positively.

However, not always. by

For example, sometimes it attributed existence of horse, goat or asinine hoofs under long magic dresses, and also bringing of troubles to people.

For example, a pitchfork could punish for the done harm or an injust act: to send a storm, a drought or an illness, to cripple and even to kill. Among the defects peculiar to these mythical beings, the envy leading to revenge to the person for his beauty, a beautiful voice, etc. was considered main. The taboos forbidding to drink the water gathered after sunset, to attack that place where a pitchfork drove a round dance were protection against it (and they very much liked to sing, dance, horovoditsya, etc.) .

Frightening history is described by the Bulgarian song:

Built a samovil,

built a harmonous tower,

between the sky and the earth

built in black clouds. As she columns drove in


that a column - yunak nice.

As put walls,

of a log - maidens - belolichka.

As a rafter fenced -

black-eyed young women.

Covered a roof, but not a yew,

and babies chest,

and old women in white

skirts became fencing stakes.

A door jambs -

aged men with a white beard.

B than business?

Yes just one pitchfork was kind, others - on the contrary (well, not only at them so!).

However, say that water, mountain and heavenly limits of Earth where before lived after the firearms appeared at people left all pitchfork...

How you think why?