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When language becomes blue?

the First answer which occurs - if to lick something blue. Blue, for example (upas you, My God!) . Or paint. Or to eat bilberry, blueberry, blackberry, a black-fruited mountain ash. Or to drink red wine. Yes you never know still exists strange ways!

Here, for example, recently my child tousled to himself hair, approached me, narrowed eyes and put out tongue. Whether it is necessary to say that language was blue? On a question as it managed to reach such uniform cyanotic shade, it it is proud told that spent two felt-tip pens if only to become as to a cha - a cha.

This plush doggie possesses absolutely unique language which, by the way, professionals use for determination of thoroughbredness of an animal. Fans of various researches, having found this feature to a cha - a cha, were immediately puzzled with the theory of an origin of such color. In passing they found out that the same blue language is hidden in the mouth by Shar-Peis and polar bears. And right there constructed a chain: polar bear - to a cha - a cha - a Shar-Pei (the truth, according to other version to a cha - a cha occurred from wild wolves).

The theory of an origin to a cha - a cha from of bears the world the Chinese legend about the ordinary dog who became the God`s darling pulls down old as. It had honor to lick a piece of the fallen sky why its language suddenly turned blue. Since then the chaa - a chaa began to be called the dog who licked the sky . It turns out, to a cha - a cha itself got to itself unusual color by applying of language to the fallen sky. Then there is a question: what was licked by a bear? The Chinese side abstains from comments so far.

Blue language at animals sometimes becomes pathology, as it occurred in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany in 2006 when the huge number of domestic and wild animals (mainly cows, sheep and even several elephants) was affected by a virus. Incident alarmed veterinarians of 25 European Union countries and puzzled them with need of restriction of import of meat from these regions. However, decided to manage an extensive sanitary zone of supervision and rigid disinfection of the location of animals.

Of course, this exception, and most often blue language is specific feature, for example, as at of a tilikva , it is of sineyazykiya stsink . fans of exotic photos of the whole world hunt For this lizard, shaking before her nose a cockroach on a thread that it showed them wonderful kobaltovo - blue language.

Or another sineyazychny the representative of living beings, a giraffe whose language can reach a half a meter. Here it is the simplest to whom to reach heaven, but Chinese preferred to drop the sky that their favourite to a cha - a cha could concern it!

At the person language can become blue too, and in itself . However, it is rather a signal for concern, than entertainment as is a consequence of various pathological states (venous stagnation, violation of warm activity, stenocardia, violation of brain blood circulation). It is shown gradually, on accumulative so be attentive, you watch over the health. Put out the tongue at yourself in a mirror more often!

Especially as psychologists unanimously consider this as the simplest and effective remedy of improvement of mood!