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As it is correct to plan labor holiday?

All of us look forward to this day! At last it comes, that one and only day when long-awaited labor holiday begins. Workaholics morally relax, anticipating or a trip to the resort, either travel to Egypt or, at the worst, aimless lying on a comfortable sofa with the panel from a cable television.

However I want to approach this subject from a little unexpected side. Not all have an opportunity to spend holidays on Maldives or at least by the sea. And a great number of mere mortals in general plan to be engaged in holiday in apartment renovation or another urgent matters which cannot be made in working everyday life. How to be in this case?

So, the councils based on own bitter experience. Holiday has artful property to fly by very quickly. There passed day, ahead there is a lot more time for affairs, there passed week, and you made nothing yet and so on. Therefore its planning plays very large role in how you will carry out it. That then it was not painfully bitter from aimlessly spent time. Let`s begin planning.

Be not too lazy also in the first day of holiday, sowing with the handle and a sheet of paper, try to write down all affairs which you plan. Place them on priority. In the beginning it is necessary to put the largest and labor-consuming affairs, whether it be apartment renovation, construction of garage and other. It becomes in order that, having used free time, to finish large affairs which demand considerable expenses of time. If remain left unfinished any jobbing, they can be finished and having come to work, during week-end or evenings.

Further break large works into components. If, for example, you plan to make apartment renovation, then make the list of affairs which you have to make in the first day, the second and so on. For example: in the first day you buy materials, having besides made their detailed list. A. Lincoln somehow told: If I had three hours to cut down a tree, the first two hours I would sharpen the " axe;. Therefore it is expedient to spend the second day for a preparatory work which strangely enough take a lot of time.

At end of one point of your list be verified with the spent time and modify further points. It is quite possible that as a result of the analysis you decide or to reduce time for performance of some works, or absolutely you will remove some items. Nothing terrible, for this purpose the analysis is also carried out. Further on priority continue to implement clauses of your list.

Of course, some can object: why the list is necessary, it is possible to hold everything and in the head. Also the author of these lines was among such opponents of a similar method. However, having spent holidays, with regret you note that generally doing something, chaotically you rush about from one work to another, and as a result all affairs turn out executed half or not executed at all. The list on paper disciplines and helps to systematize affairs and to visually analyse a situation.

Nevertheless, holiday always remains holiday. And therefore, of course, it is necessary to find time and for rest. And with it you will be helped by the list of affairs. In its analysis you will surely notice " windows; when it is possible to have a rest and to spend precious time with advantage. It can be also the compelled break due to the lack of the necessary materials, and idle time for other reasons. Try to use them most effectively. It is possible even to make the list of actions rest and, having painted time which they will take, to verify them over time the compelled idle time and to use this time for these actions.

Even if you did not settle all list of affairs which planned, approximately in a week until the end of holiday, insistently I advise everything - to give up all affairs and to have a rest! Remind yourself that the following holiday will be only in a year, and deal property never to come to an end. Performance of all affairs and rest pleasant to you!