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What is a mobbing and as to fight against it?

of Mobbing - rather new word in a lexicon of psychologists and business - trainers. And though it you, maybe, also did not hear the word, the mobbing situation is for certain familiar to you. Someone was the victim of a mobbing, someone his initiator and, probably, each of us at least once in life was an observer - the involuntary witness of a mobbing.

So it mobbing? It is a situation when fellow workers begin to oppress one of employees intentionally. More often new, not really skilled staff of the company falls a victim of a mobbing. The Mobbing existed always and in all fields of activity. In some degree this phenomenon can be compared to the law of pack - the strongest survives.

The reasons for which the staff of the company begins to oppress in every possible way one of the colleagues are quite various. It can be envy to the colleague as to very successful person who is quickly moving ahead on a career ladder, and there can be only a fight for clients, i.e. the usual competition. Most often envy to younger and successful colleague becomes the reason of a mobbing. Happens that representatives of sexual minorities or only other nationalities, provincials from the remote place or so-called " are exposed to a mobbing; black sheep who do not follow unspoken rules of collective or even somehow not so put on.

As it is strange, brand new employees quite often provoke a mobbing. Having come to new collective, one beginners keep separately from collective, watchfully, are suspicious of old employees, others, on the contrary, try to be allocated and brag of the progress. Both those, and others can cause irritation at old men and here and to a mobbing no distance.

Not to fall a victim of a mobbing, having come to new collective, treat the new colleagues kindly, but it is not too familiar. Sincerely rejoice to progress of the colleagues and report about the achievements frostily not to cause envy in other employees.

If you are the chief of firm and noticed that at your firm there is a mobbing phenomenon, do not show to employees excessive sympathy for the victim of a mobbing at all - it will only even stronger adjust old men against the new employee. You should not support initiators persecution . Accurately and clearly show the attitude towards all staff of firm and let know that you categorically against such phenomenon as a mobbing. The one who fell a victim of attacks should be supported, however it is necessary to do it so that all staff of firm accurately understood that you are happy with the new employee thanks to his professional achievements, but not for personal reasons.

If suddenly it turned out so that you fell a victim of a mobbing, try not to support a conflict situation with employees. Show that you are ready to all kindly, but also you will not dare to mount upon a neck too. Learn more about the offenders, it will help you to understand them and, perhaps, through some time you will even become friends.

What is possible and it is necessary to make if you were the involuntary witness of a mobbing in collective? First of all, do not allow initiators of a mobbing to involve you in the conflict. Do not keep silent, accurately and clearly state the position. Explain to other colleagues why you do not support I poison beginner. Perhaps, it will set initiators of a mobbing thinking on the actions and the conflict situation will come to naught.

And what if after reading of this article you understood that you in a mobbing situation are always a forward? Wash to you council - you do not spoil the reputation. In a situation of a mobbing happens neither winners, nor losers. Often the most zealous initiators of a mobbing turn in the victims subsequently. Maintain the good friendly relations with all employees, the mobbing does harm not only its victim, but also all participants, from the conflicts at the enterprise quality of work decreases - all firm in general suffers!