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To whom Sergey Yesenin in the poem " said goodbye; Good-bye, my friend... ? Part 4

Sergey Yesenin made thrifty use Of the friends and is careful: could give a half of the fee to the sick companion on treatment. He as if took very much to heart philosophy of the ancient Greek Democritus: That is unworthy to live who has no good friend . And friends true the poet had much. Here only it managed to distinguish them from imaginary companions not always, and it was necessary to throw disappointedly in a fit of temper: To give nothing Sashke .

Sashke (poet Sakharov) at whom Sergey stored the fund had many tests after death of the outstanding lyric poet: he was repressed and, having released from camp, was forced to live to the death in Kazakhstan, working at buildings. Sakharov regretted the memories of Sergey Yesenin that could not become him the true friend: Were on friendly terms with it and saw, borrowed money which he never as I know, demanded back, but people did not store and did not care for a fate of his big talent. And it must be said frankly - I the first, maybe, less than others thought and worried about the poet... .

Yesenin could avoid many troubles in the life when would take Democritus`s advices, choosing friends circumspectly and carefully: The Kind friend has to appear in days of joyful events by the invitation The Friendship of one reasonable is better than friendship of all unreasonable . The to a zabotnitsa To Galina Benislavskaya the poet repeated more than once: You are free and free to do anything, but remember - do not touch my friends Anyone, only that it was not my friends . The generous soul of Sergey always sought to thank the companions, and he did not stint gifts, an entertainment, devoting some of them verses and poems.

At the beginning of February, 1924 Sergey made friends with the young poet from Baku Pyotr Chagin (Boldovkin) who was at that time the second secretary of the Central Committee of KP of Azerbaijan. They got acquainted probably at evening at the artist Georgy Bogdanovich Yakulov though Chagin mistakenly claims in the memoirs that at Kachalov (the famous actor was at this time abroad). This apartment on to an upper part colourfully Mikhail Bulgakov in the novel " described; Master and Margarita . It became clear in the morning that poets mixed galoshes, and Yesenin came to the journalist from Baku for an exchange. Chagin invited Sergey on a visit, having promised to arrange a trip to Tehran and cooperation in the newspaper.

More than eight months Yesenin to the new friend gathered and, at last, on September 20, in day of memory of 26 commissioners, appeared in " newspaper editorial office; Baku worker . On the same day he wrote at the request of Chagin verses, and two days later The ballad about twenty six it was published: The sea rolls a song too. 26 they were, 26 . Pyotr Chagin transported the poet from hotel to himself home and created conditions for creativity, having provided life and a possibility of earnings. So Yesenin had a friend from the immediate environment of the secretary of the Central Committee of KP of Azerbaijan Sergey Mironovich Kirov appreciating his poetry and it is touching caring for it, without demanding anything in exchange for the considerable efforts. He made friends and with Chagin`s brother, Vasily Boldovkin who arrived just at this time from Tehran: That it is better Baku falls in particular, when you are young?

Yesenin wrote the verses to Baku on forms of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan from chalk overlay paper. On the same form printed for it a security leaf: In case of detection of the poet outdoors in a disease state it is offered to bring carefully him to the hostel . The public opinion which was on a string at Lev Semyonovich Sosnovsky, and here pursued the world famous lyric poet of Russia. It is possible therefore Chagin could not organize a trip to Tehran neither in 1924, nor in 1925 in spite of the fact that there, in the Soviet embassy, his brother served as the commandant: omnipotent bodies led by Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky objected to it, most likely.

S. M. Kirov suggested Chagin to arrange illusion of Persia at the dacha, and at the end of July, 1925 Sergey Yesenin together with the last wife Sofya Tolstaya got in Persian fairy tale with exotic plants and the splashing fountains. On a twist of fate the last elegy of the poet Good-bye, my friend it was included in three-volume collection of his compositions not in a cycle of poems of 1925, and in the section Persian motives as if hinting to whom Yesenin could say goodbye. And it is valid: collection Persian motives (initial name Mountain ash fire ) the poet published, having devoted him With love and friendship to Pyotr Ivanovich Chagin .

But not with him who wrote the laudable preface to the poem Russia Soviet beginning the words That hurricane passed. Us escaped " a little; most likely, Sergey Yesenin the words traced by own blood said goodbye. In the letter of November 27, 1925 it it is transparent hinted the friend from Baku about the intention to be shipped shortly outward. Chagin was well informed on Yesenin`s stay in Leningrad: At the end of December I arrived to Moscow on the Fourteenth congress. In a break between meetings Sergey Mironovich Kirov asked me whether I met Yesenin in Moscow as well as that is with it. I tell Mironychu: according to my data, Yesenin went to Leningrad .

To Vasily Boldovkin, Chagin`s brother, it was known too that Yesenin was going to go to Leningrad: My last meeting with it was on Belinsky Street, about " hotel; Paris . I was at the brother in hotel, and he just gathered to him . In several days I called Sergey home, I was answered that he went to Leningrad .

In September the poet was on reception at Dzerzhinsky, but remained secret that was told and what was promised on this interview. Felix Edmundovich was sure that many citizens it is possible to break and to force to work honestly, without leading up to the vessels .