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It is necessary and there is a wish - whether there is a difference? Again about advertizing and - consumers of

I in life was awfully lucky. I left Russia in 1994 when advertizing did not captivate screens of TVs yet, on walls of buildings in the center of Moscow there were no ponaveshena the huge posters promising paradise pleasures yet if you buy... and so on.

Therefore, having arrived to America, I with a great interest watched advertizing on TV, communicated with the sellers calling by telephone and also considered huge stands along high-speed highways - at the same time improving English - the American language. (see Tina Hellvig`s article What advertizing in America? Frivolous notes ) .

After a while I paid attention that my American husband after viewing of the next advertizing on the TV declares: I need it!

No wonder that when I married, my husband had many debts, and accumulation were not at all.

After about three months I managed to change its relation to advertizing - it is not necessary, and there is a wish!

Having felt a difference, we ceased to spend hardly the earned money for the fact that it seemed to necessary advertisers - for example, new furniture - with a delay of payments for two years - that is begin to pay for furniture just when it is time to buy new - from the point of view of furniture stores. Or new means for weight loss - if I could make it, you will be able too - and why, it is interesting if you could, then and I will be able? People - that all different... Or a new gadget for cleaning of a bathtub - an ultrasonic nozzle - if you call within the next 15 minutes, then we will free of charge add the second nozzle... Variations are infinite...

My husband guessed over time as it is possible to find that you want, is cheaper - it is already necessary to buy it, and advertizing will at once go to the same is but for smaller money.

The American people, as a rule, live by the principle it is not worse, than Dzhonsa (the neighbors living in the house nearby - so nearby mean that it is visible that Mr. and Mrs. Jones eat for breakfast). Naturally, as all the rest on a look. One my friend who earned a living by installation of granite coverings in kitchen somehow told that he adores these residential districts where lodges are poked so closely to each other. You Will establish granite to one, and at once all street wants . Very conveniently, and - by the way - it is not necessary to be spent for advertizing.

Ease of receiving the credit - whether it be in shop, in bank, credit cards - gives dangerous illusion of unlimited purchases. However debts should be paid, and often payments eat considerable part of the income. Such relation to purchases often leads to irreparable consequences in the form of huge debts, generally on credit cards, to bankruptcies and so on.

And around so much necessary ! New car, new furniture, new TV, pool, jacuzzi, clothes, shoes, jewelry, ware... The new house, at last, what to waste time on trifles! (I will notice in brackets that it is difficult to buy the house and the car in America for cash as it is rather expensive, but in this case rises a question - what car and what house we buy? And for what purpose - for life or for a show off?)

It is good if means really allow, and there is a stock for rainy day, and the credit card is paid completely every month - of course, it is useful to buy for mentality something unnecessary, but such desired! It is bad if this unnecessary, but desired costs so many that when payments, it already both unnecessary, and unwanted come to an end... And besides long ago broke.

I treat with great respect in the people living in America without credit cards (whether see article It is possible to survive in America without credit card and the bank account?). In the society calculated on consumption, based on race for lifestyle (see above - it is not worse, than at...), it is difficult to keep identity and independence in decisions.

As, however, and everywhere. Advertizing builds our reality felt by us in debts...