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What the general at a wall and the passage? Fugitives with the happiness of

the Joke No. 536.

- What you would make if suddenly opened border?

- would Climb on a tree.

- What for?

- Will trample!

(1001 chosen Soviet political jokes)

the Berlin Wall existed 28 years.

Is constructed in August, 1961. History of emergence of the Wall is destroyed in November, 1989

by 1961 everything became clearly: the sad counter of East German socialism does not sustain any competition to the show-window of capitalist Germany bursting with goods. It seems, only everything they have same Germans. And on free sale,

Till summer of 1961 the border between the Western and East Berlin was left open without cards and turns, and citizens freely moved from one part of the city to another.

the Rigid course, foreign policy intensity and higher level of compensation in the Western Berlin induced thousands of citizens of GDR to leave on the West. Between 1949 and 1961 more than 2,5 million people seized this opportunity.

called Mass departures vote by legs as, emigriruya in Germany, citizens of GDR spoke thereby against the existing socialist mode. Only for 1961 GDR there left more than 207 thousand people. And only for July, 1961 - more than 30 thousand east Germans fled the country. There left young and qualified specialists...

should do something: communists understood that GDR will turn into the desert soon...

Joke No. 337.

- What will be if in the Sahara to construct socialism?

- At first nothing, and will begin then interruptions in sand.

in the conditions of a situation aggravation around Berlin country leaders of the Warsaw Treaty Organization made the decision to close border. For one night Soviet and GDR - ovsky soldiers completely divided the city. The police partitioned off a barbed wire 193 streets, blocked 4 lines of the subway and 8 tram lines, made water and gas pipelines, cut telephone and electric cables. From August 13 to August 17 thousands of builders mobilized on alarm across all GDR under a vigilant eye of submachine gunners constructed 9 - a kilometer monolithic concrete wall 3,2 meters high. This Wall divided bridges and squares, cemeteries and boulevards, ponds, parks and human destinies for many decades.

What was then?

People were in confusion. It was most of all lucky those who lived in houses through which there passed the border between sectors - for example, on Bernauershtrasse. During the first hours they jumped from windows on the free territory. The western Berliners stretched tents and blankets under windows and picked up jumping, but frontier guards began to rush into apartments and to immure windows.

led up the Wall to perfection 10 more years - at first constructed stone, and then began to replace reinforced concrete.

But the dream of freedom aggravates an ingenuity, and some attempts to break through a wall came to the end successfully.

One family managed to throw a cable from a roof of the house and to move to other party on a roller. The circus actress Renata Hagen ran by means of the western diplomat, having hidden in a column of the amplifier. What only the people did not invent: here both balloons, and snakes, and self-made, silent pass - planes, cars with hiding places and a double bottom (under the size of the person), cases from contrabasses and drums, diving space suits, underwater pass - bathyscaphes...

In October, 1964, having dug the underpass 145 meters long and 60 centimeters high, 57 people ran: from East side got on three into a box, delayed it western for a rope. One person made the submariner`s suit itself, having used fire equipment, an oxygen pillow and a hose of the welder. Plunged into water - and was such is. Two friends - the electrician and the truck driver - built the balloon, put wives and children (only 8 people) and flew on West side at night. Moved also on the rope thrown between windows of the neighboring houses by car with a convertible top, and by means of a wall ram the bulldozer.

Sad figures with

C 1961 for 1989 on border between GDR and the Western Germany it was killed, by different estimates, from 700 to 1300 people. At least 133 persons died in attempt to get over through the Berlin wall. Attempt to illegally leave the country was made by about 95 thousand citizens of GDR. In the criminal code of GDR there was a crime under the name escape from the republic for which from 2 to 8 years of imprisonment were necessary.

What socialism which is forced to immure itself(himself) that the people did not run up is? - with bitterness the German dissident Stefan Heim wrote.

In what the invention with a wall came to an end - you remember. Sorted on souvenirs.

Cuba - my love? Socialism stronghold in America.

the Joke No. 848

Leaves the Jew, it is lucky a parrot.

Frontier guard:

- Live birds is forbidden to be taken out! It is possible only an effigy or a carcass. Scare


- Abram! Though an effigy though a carcass, but take away me from here!

From Cuba too. And there is a lot of.

of One of common forms of illegal departure from Cuba, encouraged with Washington, was crossing of the narrow Florida Strait on various watercrafts. The USA met such refugees as heroes. The first experience of sea flights belongs to the beginning 60 - x years. From 1959 to 1962 from Cuba about 500 thousand people left. Crossed the passage on tire covers, on rafts on what got... Sometimes people perished in a stormy sea...

We do not need these turncoats!
1980 the group of desperate made by

B attempt to break in Embassy of Peru on the car. The Cuban security guards standing at gate shot, but... got each other. Fidel grew furious and removed protection from Embassy of Peru.

the next day jammed into Embassy of Peru ten thousand persons interested to get rid of socialist paradise. The embassy territory soon turned into real hell. Peruvians requested mercy - they - for what they got under distribution? Castro`s

grew hysterical, allowed departure and suggested U.S. authorities to take away whom want and how many will be able. He declared that only turncoats, outcasts, offenders and the insane seek to leave.

Mariel left on April 21 the first two yachts with emigrants port onboard. Then rates of evacuation of persons interested to move in the USA began to increase sharply. In separate days the flotilla of the small small boats which arrived to Mariel reached more than one and a half thousand. For several months 1980 from Mariel to the USA 125 thousand people were safely brought.

Here requested mercy the White House - it was even hard for such colossus as the USA to cope with a huge number of refugees! The USA was forced to begin negotiations with Havana. They came to the end with the conclusion in December, 1984 of the agreement on migratory questions. The USA undertook to provide annually to Cubans up to 20 thousand visas to legal departure from the island.

Some results

of All since the Cuban revolution of 1959 and more of one million Cubans ran up to now in the USA (at population in Cuba of 9 million). The first wave of emigrants escaped from revolution. The second wave - balseros - from poverty. And everyone dreamed to succeed in the USA. In more than forty years they achieved very much though they started literally from scratch in the USA.

Annually turncoats and insane - emigrants - send more than one billion dollars to Cuba.

The conclusion and conclusions

Ya could add here still stories of my friend - the former ship`s doctor as by straw boats people fled Vietnam, Korea... But I am afraid that the size of article and is so excessively big.

So, we had question which is taken out in heading: what the general at these stories? And still question: why all fugitives ran in one party , namely - from socialist paradise straight to the cruel world of capitalism?

Readers can independently answer it as house exercise.