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To whom for citing the Bible pointed to a threshold of the Writers` Union?

on September 27, 1923 (on other sources - on September 26), 85 years ago, in a family of the Moscow lawyer Pyotr Mezhirov the son named by Alexander was born. Much later the son will call the father the great, convinced, gloomy humanist but it will be decades later, and in the first years of life nothing saddened Sasha`s childhood. He was brought up on ideals of Marxism-Leninism and though could not but see all terrible acts of a Stalin era, but, as well as his many other peers, was convinced that everything occurs as has to occur. Enemies have to be punished, friends - are supported.

The present generation of youth hardly heard words which in the Soviet Union were a symbol of the whole era. They were written by Alexander Petrovich Mezhirov: Communists, forward!

There are in the military order

Such words On

only in which heavy fight

(And that not always)

the Commander raising the company Acquires the rights


I understand

the Military charter

I as the calculation of full

long ago I do not stoop long ago.

But, pages of the charter to holes zalistav,

of These words


did not find

All the same.

Year the twentieth,

of Horses run wild gallop.


Echelons. Typhus haze.

the Interventsky bullet flying to a forehead -

I not to rise under fire at the sixth stake.

The regiment

of the Overcoat

On a wire abandoned, -

But knocks over shinelny cloth a machine gun.

I then

is hardly heard

the commissioner told


- Communists, forward! Communists, forward!

Fell in a grass in the summer morning

of Pomegranate,

Near Lviv

the Outpost in a ditch lay.

Messerschmitts splashed

gasoline in blue, -

I not to rise under fire at the sixth stake.

Burned down bridges

On roads from Brest to Moscow.

Went soldiers,

From refugees looking away.

I on the towers,

Dug in arable lands KB

Dried heavy drops of a rain.

And without casing

From Stalingrad apartments

Beat maxims

I Rodimtsev felt ice.

I then

is hardly heard

the commander told


- Communists, forward! Communists, forward!

We broke standards

of Fascist powers, Kissed

divisions of guards of

I silk, Knotty fingers having squeezed a staff


Near Lenin

Passed In Mai

at a staff...

Under February clouds

Wind and snow,

But iron not running cold smells the earth.

Comes nearer day.

Proceeds a century.

Become covered with hoarfrost bayonets in guard of the Kremlin...


Where crossed routes of lead,

Where labor of love - too much, by

Through centuries,

for ages,


up to the end:

- Communists, forward! Communists, forward!

This era can be loved, it is possible to hate, but it is history. Whether good, bad - everyone judges in own way. But Alexander Mezhirov treats domestic writers, and therefore today release " is devoted to him; Anthologies of domestic poetry .

His childhood ended in June, 1941 when the Great Patriotic War began. Alexander left school war on the front. At first was at war the soldier, over time became the officer, participated in protection of Leningrad, its rifle company where Mezhirov was commissioner battled against the enemy in the well-known Sinyavinsky bogs.

About this time it has a shrill poem which is called Ladoga " ice;:

Terrible way!

On the thirtieth, the last verst

Nothing promises to


Under my legs

was tired to crackle


a fragile


Terrible way! You in blockade me conduct


Only the sky with you,

over you is high. there is no

I on you

any odyozh:

As poor as a church mouse

Terrible way!

You on the fifth verst


for me the end,

I wind was tired to whistle

over you,

I was tired to roar with


- Why does not pass the bridge over Ladoga

?! - to us soles



ice to tear off


Mad thoughts


a brain:

Why on ice does not grow a grass?!

the Most terrible way of

from my ways!

On the twentieth verst

as I could go!

Met halfway from the city

hundreds of

of children...

Hundreds of children!. .

Froze in way...

Lonely children

on the blown-up ice -

could not distinguish This warm death


I looked at the falling star

Uncomprehending eyes.

I in attacks do not need the word forward

Under whatever to us

to happen fire -

U me in pupils


the Ladoga


the Leningrad children


on it.

B 1943 of the political leader of a company Mezhirov admitted to communist party. And a bit later it was seriously injured in a leg. And though the leg managed to be rescued, but he was not fit for war any more, left ranks of army and returned to Moscow. On - serious began to write verses in hospital, in Saratov when tried to rethink

endured As he liked to compose poems, he entered for study the Literary institute of Gorky which ended in 1947. And already several months later Alexander filed documents and arrived on department of history of MSU.

It is hard to say when Mezhirov had a love to religion, perhaps it was just bravado, but Alexander Petrovich quite in details learned the Bible and began to quote it at each opportunity. It ended for it not really pleasantly: once he was nearly expelled from the Writers` Union of the USSR. Protection of the senior companions who hurried to intercede, and that poem, " rescued the young poet; Communists, forward!

In 1956 he wrote shrill lines which dispersed in lists, and long time were attributed to the unknown poet who died in war.

We near Kolpino in a crowd stand, the Artillery beats with


Is our investigation, likely,

specified the Reference point incorrectly.

Falling short. Flight. Falling short. the artillery beats with


We not without reason recited the oath.

For themselves undermined bridges, -

will leave nobody entrenchments.

Falling short. Flight. Falling short.

We near Kolpin in a crowd lie

I we shiver, prokopchenny a smoke.

Should - beat all strangers,

A it - the, on darling.

Us battalion commanders want to console,

Us, paratroopers, the army loves...

On the artillery thrashes, -

do not cut the Wood, and chips fly.

the Most important distinctive feature of the poet Mezhirov - his ability in each of the periods of history to be the . Sometimes he wrote very rigidly, but only what it was not a shame to it to admit. Thus, creative range at the poet turned out that very wide. Unless it is possible to assume that two poems: Ah, this old joke and Communists, forward! the same person wrote?!

Ah, this old joke

Again becomes fashionable today:

Not this globe and not that

does not suit the Repatriate.

Ah if this liner down of


In the scorching heat,

Through the globe,

Without any visas,

Rushed in life other.

Ah as blood from wounds

of the Soul tormented and fleshes exudes, As it is good to

to fly to Israel

By faulty plane.

the Destiny presented to Mezhirov ordeal. In January, 1988 the vehicle which it operated hit the person. The driver not only did not give to the victim help - he just left the place of the tragedy. And the victim died.

And at once in the Writers` Union dismantling began. In something ill-wishers of the poet were absolutely right: is more useless to the poet - to the veteran to show such cowardice and to run away from the place of the tragedy, without having given help. He was beaten widely, backhand. And what achieved? Six years later Alexander Petrovich Mezhirov emigrated to the USA where he lives and until now. And here one of its poems of the 21st century:

Oh, washing life, you and in separation of

From the far homeland, from the Coming to an end flour

, hurrying,

You and such is good.

You guilty, but not sacred,

Lost to a penny,

About days of the last lived, You and such is good


Left as was gone. And only nine years later, in September, 2003, on one of the Russian channels showed the big transfer devoted to the poet. Whether will remember it today, in day 85 - the anniversaries? You never can tell. But we - remembered