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Whether it is possible to do without diapers?

you prepare for appearance of your kid on light. You choose a bed, a carriage, clothes, diapers. Or you do not want to use diapers, but do not know, than to replace them ? Then I will tell about such remarkable method as jumping of the child.

What is it? All of you time will be with your remarkable kid. And, literally several days later, you with surprise will understand that he by all the forces tells to you when he wants in a toilet . Not so, of course, as one-year-old children are also more senior. But it will surely signal you signs: will schuffle the charming buttocks, will groan, etc. Each mother learns to see these signs in own way, just believe that they it is obligatory to eat. These are unconscious signs of a body. Means, they cannot but be.

Besides, you will understand that usually kids do it in certain time . Most often - when eat: in time or at once later. After a dream, walk. Even in a dream it is easy to understand when your kid does the important issue. He surely escapes from a dream. So our organism is arranged: so far a dream deep, any person including the child, does not descend in a toilet. For this purpose it is necessary, well not that to wake up, but at least to pass into a phase of a REM sleep. And it usually is noticeable at once. He begins to turn, groan, wake up. Usually at this moment you feed it. So why and not to descend on a pot. Figuratively speaking of course.

Jumping as a method of subjects it is also good that it can be applied since the birth. It not a literal sazhaniye on a pot. No, it is contraindicated to the baby until he independently sits down. You simply or carry it in a bathroom, or place over some subject intended by you especially for such purposes. For example, it can be a basin. And if you seized that moment when your kid peed, or - oh, happiness! - you understand about what I. So why to dress on it a diaper?

Many will ask: and how to be if it occurs during feeding ? If you have a boy, then I know how one mother creatively approached this question. It prepared jars from - under baby purees. And when they ate, just set up them. And any inconvenience.

The belief is widespread that you from - for it pull all the time of the child, you disturb it . Here only nobody can explain to me why. Weeks in two of your kid will be already awake till some hours a day. So why to you together not to observe one after another and if you seized that moment, with pleasure not to descend on a pot? It will not cause it troubles as communication with mother is the most expensive that can be.

And about as if to the child it is inconvenient that you accustom him to a pot, you deprive of the childhood... Anything similar. It is not necessary to confuse jumping to schooling to a pot. You do not force it to do the things when you want. You catch, guess, define that moment when the kid of it wants. And in what here inconvenience? When schooling time approaches a pot, you just replace with a pot this jumping of the child. The kid will quicker not protest will get used, itself will begin to understand what from him is wanted.

So actually in it there is nothing unnatural. You communicate, spend time together and when your kid lets you know that he is already ready (only then, but not when you want it), you land it: you substitute a jar, a bowl, a basin Dear mothers, show imagination. Do it with love, do not perceive as a duty. And then nothing difficult in it will be.

Personally my experience. We put on diapers, only when it was necessary to go to the doctor or to go to long trips. Even on the street, in a dream usually walked without them. Why? No, my kid did not lie wet. After a while children whose parents practice jumping begin to suffer in a dream , and do not pisatsya till three years as it usually happens. He began to wake up, we went home and at once did the important issues. The pot was apprehended in general with a bang, my sonny at once understood what there should be done.

Anyway arrive as it is convenient to you. And if you have not an European-quality repair which, certainly, happens it is a pity to spoil, then the child in general can do without additional resources of protection. Let pisat in the pleasure. You will begin to understand each other quicker.