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The same Amsterdam: what` s in the wind?

At once about sore: you do not sit down, people kind, in a taxi. Very expensively it turns out. One landing costs 7,5 euros, the distance in kilometers is farther, and delivery is not always offered (can because emigrants work entirely?) .

Actually transport system in the city is developed very well, the remarkable trams which are smoothly plying even on the narrowest small streets the electric train goes to the airport from the Central station and in any hotel it is possible to order the place in the minibus. The same as in many resorts, minibasses systematically go round hotels, taking away people, it turns out time in three cheaper.

One more innovation: the state so sharply separated itself from the citizens to whom allowed to ruin legally itself that now the people having a bad, but usual, most banal habit of smoking are forced to do it or on streets, or at home if they in Amsterdam have that. In a word, if you see cafe in which smoke, it is obvious not that cafe in which it is necessary for you.

There is no categorical wish to write about things which create to Amsterdam a certain glory. In general, the impression is made that legalization of certain defects and kinds of activity affects the real life of the city a little. The city is not similar to Sodom and Gomorrah on which it is necessary to bring down anger thunders urgently. Even in sex - shops come not to take a look there, and is efficient, precisely knowing as why. As the housewife who definitely knows what is not enough for her for a dinner (a pepper, a head of garlic, a bunch of greens, vanilla).

By the way, there it is authorized to children to earn additionally: from 13 years to carry newspapers, with 15 - to carry food. It is possible to treat it differently, but, it is represented that if the child has a choice - to earn additionally or be smoked by marijuana - nevertheless the preference will be given the first. Moreover: also young people who, it seems, and should not need money do not shun work.

One of the porter in hotel, the Netherlands citizen is from Stavropol Krai, told that he is a son of successful parents, heads of major company, in Holland 15 years, studies at university, earns additionally in the large American company and - as the porter! On a question - why what for? - answered that it is interesting to communicate with people that, if not today`s work, then would sit hour or so with friends in the bar, and so it turned out even to talk, remember the native language in Russian. It is thought that ahead Stanislav has a brilliant future.

By the way, the Russian speech in the center it is possible to hear somewhere time in half an hour - hour. And the Russian tourist or the businessman already a little in what differs from other, flooded Amsterdam, tourists. Sometimes also you will not guess. Having decided to define for clarity local as owners of infinite bicycles, and alien - as simply walking, it is possible and to be mistaken. In any case, it was necessary to be surprised just once, having heard from very elderly couple by bicycles the native speech.

Amsterdam is created, of course, for foot walks. For those who live or happened in St. Petersburg, in Amsterdam channels, maybe, and there is nothing surprising, but it is more interesting to that to compare. It is possible to make also traditional walk on the boat or the boat.

Museum life boils too though the main National museum is closed not the first year. But the most visited - Van Gogh`s museum - works. From there, by the way, it is possible to send free of charge the video letter to two addresses, just you approach a chamber, you slander that comes to mind, for example, as missed, and you send. And it is possible to approach so much how many there is a wish, or it is so much how many is the addressees wishing to see you alive .

The most curious can visit also not so known museums, but hardly there it is possible to be enriched with something for itself new and interesting.

And it is the best of all - simply to walk, walk and walk...