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How to restore the marigold after building?

Removed the beautiful artificial nails and what under them? If your master used qualitative materials for modeling of nails, and procedure of building and removal of artificial material was executed correctly, then your natural nails should not deteriorate at all. And if after removal of artificial material you found out that your natural nogotochka became dry and thin or turned yellow, this article for you.

Very often, at the wrong carrying out procedure of building and removal of artificial nails the nail plate becomes uneven, on its surface it is possible to see grooves and poles. It occurs from - for wrong a nail surface zapilivaniye. If you observe at yourself this problem, in the next several weeks refuse building and give to a nail completely splice. The matter is that such grooves are the very thinned nail sites which can suffer even stronger at the subsequent building. Until a marigold grows, use the leveling basic covering and that process of their growth happened quicker, rub in nail plates special oil with vitamin supplements and extracts of herbs.

Happens that after several years continuous socks of artificial nails the client notices emergence of agnails and dryness of skin on finger-tips. Similar can occur if in the course of modeling of nails on skin chemicals get. Remember, the master has to apply all chemicals used for building, directly on a nail, they not in which case should not get on skin! If the reason of agnails and dryness of skin around nails in it, then you can be helped by professional preparations for mitigation of a cuticle. Natural natural oils which deeply get into skin pores are the cornerstone of these preparations, feed it and help to hold moisture at the cellular level.

I hope that you have a good master and after removal of artificial nails you never observed brownish or greenish specks on a surface of natural nails. If it nevertheless took place to be, be not frightened ahead of time. Most likely, it is not a fungus. In 90% of cases is a mold, or a psevdomoniyny infection. Both that, and another can be liquidated quite successfully. Carefully grind a nail surface a soft nail file and degrease. It is possible to degrease a nail plate alcohol or liquid for removal of a varnish. Refuse at least for a week varnish coverings and nevermore address the master after whom on your marigold these spots appeared.

If your artificial marigold was bright, and in them there were a lot of shining and sparkling features (a foil, mica, sukhotsveta and spangles), then after their removal you can find out that your natural marigold turned yellow or became covered by color spots. The pigment ate in a surface of a nail plate from - for violations of technology of modeling of nails. Accurately grind a marigold very soft nail file and a zapoliruyta. After surely apply on nails a colourless covering with the strengthening and restoring components. It is the best of all to use ukrepitel whose part the protein and calcium are. Do not forget to put always a basic covering before drawing any decorative varnish - so your marigold will be protected from the aggressive pigments which are their part.

Remember that building and removal of nails are procedures which only the highly professional master has to carry out. If your master is not extremely accurate and attentive, you can face also more serious problems. So, if owing to the wrong nail extension you got a fungus, a chemical burn of a nail plate or a curvature of a nail, my article will not help you - it is necessary to go to the doctor. Therefore, please, address for beautiful nails only skilled highly qualified specialists!