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Again pictures? Yes! But also stories too. Romanticism of the Victorian era

Came across I pictures of the American artist of Lee Dubin . Were pleasant.

... Lee Dubin was born in California, studied in Los - Andzheles, works with a water color, oil and a pastel, also creates lithographs and engravings.

of Lee Dubin is known as the author of pictures about the Victorian era. She tells about herself: “ I drew since could hold a brush. I always wanted to be only an artist “.

of her technician demands detailed studying of pictures - in it it is really similar on works of old masters. It is obviously not enough one view of the pictures Dubin, they should be considered slowly, studying a set of details and rejoicing their fascinating visual story. The author tries to like spirit of that time, to imagine how everything was in that life, to recreate the atmosphere of an era.

And in the course of examining of her pictures to me one of the most nice and sharp short-story writers of that period was often remembered. I do not think what here is unfortunate which did not read it, there is also a note about it here (generally about personal peripetias of the writer), but there can be someone forgot partially his stories - and with pleasure will remember them and will re-read.

O. Henry - one of the most popular American short-story writers of the beginning of the XX century. He takes in the American literature the exclusive place as the master of a genre “ short story “ (short - story). His kind talent gives to people belief in love and hope for luck...

A real name of the writer - William Sidney Porter. Was born in 1862 in the south of the USA.

In 1878 rubles. Porter became the druggist`s pupil, and in 1881 the druggist.

Then worked as the cashier - the accountant in bank in the Texas city of Austin. It was accused of waste and half a year disappeared from law enforcement authorities in Honduras, then in South America. Having returned to the USA, it was condemned and put in Columbus prison of the State of Ohio where spent three years (1898 - 1901). - that it also began to write

In prison stories under O. Henry`s pseudonym. The first story under this pseudonym - “ The Christmas gift of Dick - Svistuna “ printed in 1899 in “ Mack Magazine of Klyur “ (Mc Clure’s Magazine), - he wrote in prison. This pseudonym often incorrectly registers like the Irish surname of O`Henry (O`Genri).

the First book of stories of O. Henry - “ Kings and cabbage “ (Cabbages and Kings) - left in 1904. Followed it: “ Four million “ (The four million, 1906), “ Unextinguishable " lamp; (The trimmed Lamp, 1907), “ Heart Of The West “ (Heart of the West, 1907), “ City Voice “ (The Voice of the City, 1908), “ Gentle Grafter “ (The Gentle Grafter, 1908), “ Ways of destiny “ (Roads of Destiny, 1909), “ Favourites “ (Options, 1909), “ Exact affairs “ (Strictly Business, 1910) and “ Whirlpools “ (Whirligigs, 1910).

the Writer died in 1910 in New - York. In eight years after his death in memory of the writer O. Henry`s award was founded.

O. Henry entered literature rather as the lyrical humorist, than as the satirist. Its short stories can be divided into several subsets. The biggest cycle (150 short stories) it is devoted to life of New - York and its inhabitants, from street swindlers and to financial bigwigs. One of its most famous short stories of this cycle are “ The Gift of the Magi “ - the amusing and dynamic story which is not deprived of bitterness and grief. The second cycle - short stories about Texas, cowboys, bandits, swindlers and rich skotopromyshlenik. Heroes of this cycle embody courage in fight against the dky prairie and... with each other.

Special and, probably, the most glorified cycle is short stories about rascals and speculators Jeff Peters and Andy Takker. Characters, of course, it is difficult to call realistic, their adventures too - but short stories excellent, bright, very ridiculous, a little sad and partly philosophical. And swindlers, trying to cheat all and each other, most often and are left high and dry. it Has

and sad stories - “ Last sheet “ “ Debut to the Tilde “ etc. Tragedy " so well familiar to us; little person “ in collision with life.

But nevertheless and the most quoted always stories about Andy Takker will be brightest. In particular, me recently from domination of all pseudo-medical zhulya doctor Wof Hou from the immortal short story " is quite often remembered; Jeff Peters as personal magnet “:

- Mr. mayor, - I say, - you had only one hope. Medicines will not help you. But there is other force which one costs all your medicines, though they cost expensive.

- What is force? - he asks.

- Prolegomena of science, - I say. - Reason victory over sarsaparilly. Belief that diseases and sufferings exist only in our organism when you feel what to you nezdorovitsya....

- I one of Uniform Senedrionov and Obvious Mongols of the Internal Temple, - I say. - Lame begin to speak, and blind people to go as soon as I make passes. I am a medium, the coloratura hypnotist and the spirtuozny controller of human souls. On the last sessions to Anne - Arbore the late chairman Uksusno - Bitter society could come back only at my means to the earth for conversations with the sister Jane. However, now I as you know, sell from the medicine cart for the poor and I am not engaged in magnetic practice as I do not want to humiliate the art with too low payment: whether you will take from the poor much!

Ya sat down at a bed and began to stare at it.

- Now, - I told, - distract your attention from your illness. You are healthy. You have neither heart, nor a clavicle, nor a shovel, nor brains - anything. You would not feel pain. Admit that you were mistaken, including yourself the patient. Well, and now you, isn`t that so, feel that pain which at you never happened gradually leaves you.

- Yes, the doctor the hell to me and really became as though it is easier, - the mayor says. - Please, continue to lie that I as if am healthy and as if I do not have this tumor in the left side. I am sure, what is a little more, and I can be raised in a bed and to give me sausages with a buckwheat roll....

Unfortunately, and presently the heap to the people, ready to believe in " is; science prolegomena “...

So we will drink for a reason victory over all this “ sarsaparilly “!

To refresh in memory:

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