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What new we will tell about love?

, How many at us indisputable truths, phrases and expressions about love. Though the love is that feeling to which firm postulates and truisms are not applicable. But time for truisms do not beat, we will try - to modify them and to share own aphorisms in this respect.

The falling out of lovers is the renewal of love . Well whether you know, it is so possible and to doteshitsya before divorce. In general, any conflicts are incredibly pernicious - sooner or later cracks turn into a break. Therefore let`s everything - have a good time differently especially as lovers have a mass of " options; amusing pastimes.

Love is vicious-one can fall in love with the billy-goat . I Suggest to shift focus: can, the love is evil because one goats come across ? Here no wonder to lose optimism: it is so much forces, nerves, emotions and time it is spent, and as a result - only horns and hoofs.

All age are obedient to Love . This already sign, frankly speaking, short-sightedness: with age it would be time to resist going as an avalanche, to feeling. Whether you know, when health any more not that and to die of happiness becomes is fraught . It is not recommended to experiment with the love relations with a big age difference also. If to choose it is strong more young, then they will drink all juice and all the same will leave and if those who are more senior Though I do not even know, what is better.

The Love is blind . Well, of course, the love is blind, but she well hears ! And then, where to put known Men are visual ? But it already something pathologically - unhealthy: to be visual Also women with the ears as body of love perception.

Love triangle is, perhaps, the most ancient concept of love geometry. And if someone from three its components appeared it is not aware that got into such scrape, so of in a love triangle it was an obtuse angle . A situation in all cases not palatable. Also prove - do not prove, and the theorem, perhaps, on this case one: the best exit from a love triangle is to go wherever one wishes .

The heart has a will of its own . Still, try to reach heart and to force it not to fight more often or on the contrary. But if the heart has a will of its own, maybe, it is worth trying to persuade ?

Conjugal duty, matrimonial duties . Well, already definition directs at burdensome reflections where there to emotionally - hormonal splash. Whether it is better to rename all this action, for example, in matrimonial permissiveness ? And that turns out: yesterday repaid a conjugal duty and decided not to occupy " any more; .

Love game - here whether you know if not to know (it is desirable in practice) its rules, then it is better not to contact it. Because in this game of losers is not present - there are one victims . And that there was no situation when in the 30th minute love game ended with a mat , many take the sexual offensive at once. Also it is necessary to be given or, at least, to agree to a draw.

But to you it is not necessary to despair, you remember: Hope springs eternal . But, in my opinion, we so much it procrastinate that the hope dies of an old age . However, there is exit - love to, and at first sight . But there are difficulties with execution of matrimonial duties and is for some reason remembered sacramental the love is evil Therefore it is better than to love the neighbor - the main thing that he did not resist .