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How to become harmonous and beautiful by means of coffee and cocoa?

Here for what I love women, so it for the fact that they know a set of secrets of how to become beautiful without the aid of some modern means, and by means of what is had near at hand. For example, sugar and salt. Personally at me sugar and salt do not live in kitchen for a long time - only in small quantities, for guests, but in a bathroom there are beautiful capacities with these products.

And recently sugar and salt on a shelf in a bathroom had neighbors - a jar with coffee and a jar with cocoa - powder.

No, be not frightened! If you come to me home, I will give to drink you excellent coffee which I hold in kitchen, I call it guest and what serves in a bathroom absolutely for other purposes...

And everything began with my moving... Water in France it turned out at all not such as in Moscow - there is too much in it calcium. Of course, it could not but be reflected in skin and hair. After washing hair were heavy, hardly combed hair, in general there was an awful feeling that did not wash with their years. Many of those who rechallahs to France faced this problem. And what only I did not do - I tested practically all conditioners, then natural means - lemon juice, vinegar, nettle broth were put to use... Time that hair adapted was required and even became better, than earlier.

And here skin did not want to adapt in any way - after a shower it was dry. I had a shower bath mineral water, bought only the most gentle and sparing shower cream gels, was smeared with the best children`s creams... But everything was useless: my skin demanded something special and what - I did not know.

Also I remembered about one way to which I was taught once by the aunt. Coffee! We take usual ground coffee and... Ways of its use set: if you drink coffee, then can use cooled down coffee to a jackpot. Personally I drink coffee seldom, and to cook it especially for each bathing procedure I have no time therefore I just take a coffee tablespoon - this doses is enough for me for one acceptance of a shower - and I am properly covered with it from head to foot. It is necessary to put coffee on a face very carefully and not every day - it is a srub. And here it is possible not to feel sorry for a body, especially, if you have problem zones - in this case coffee just the fact that it is necessary for you - do yourself coffee massage, and results will pleasantly surprise you.

At the request of coffee it is possible to mix previously with a small amount of water - so will easier apply it on a body. Still coffee can be mixed with honey provided that on honey you have no allergy.

By the way, one more advantage of coffee - it gives to skin a subtle shade of suntan. The longer you hold coffee on skin, the more intensively yours suntan .

Also you can add some coffee to shower gel, but I do not do it - I do not love chemistry, I prefer all natural. Since coffee appeared in my bathroom, all shower gels disappeared from there - from detergents there was only a soap from mare`s milk.

So, we will sum up the results. Pluses of coffee washing: naturalness, a pleasant smell which remains on skin, and skin - smooth, gentle, with a beautiful shade. By the way, since I began to use coffee, I became more rare to buy body creams - now when skin not dry, them is required much smaller quantity. Also that it is convenient to take it with itself in trips or to buy a practicality of use of coffee on the place, but not to drag with itself a heap of jars with favourite means which can not always be bought during business trip or holiday.

But this way has also minuses about which there is a wish to warn you. In - the first, it is painted shower, however, it easily is washed by special means - and if at once to wash away coffee, then he will not manage to paint a surface shower. It is not necessary to be afraid of the fact that coffee forms a blockage in pipes, I learned by own experience that coffee relieves of blockages and unpleasant smells from pipes.

One more shortcoming - if is washed badly away by coffee from a body, then clothes and bed linen can be painted. But believe, silky skin with interest compensates these minuses.

... Having estimated remarkable properties of coffee, I decided to try on myself cocoa. What can I tell? Both coffee, and cocoa equally well moisten skin, but as a srub, of course, coffee will approach more.

The cocoa smell is pleasant to me more, but it, as they say, a matter of taste. In general cocoa relaxes me more, and coffee invigorates therefore I also use them depending on time of day. Cocoa shortcomings same as at coffee, but it is possible to add two more to them - if on a body are wounds, then will pinch from time to time. The second shortcoming - cocoa too eats in skin, paints it stronger, than coffee, it is necessary to wash away it very carefully, and nails after such procedure should be cleaned a brush that there was no trace left.

You think that so cocoa is too unprofitable to use coffee and? If you practically do not spend money for means on personal care, then yes. But try to count how many money leaves on everyones - different means for washing, moistening, food, weight loss, from cellulitis and so forth, and here - all in one and all natural...

Be beautiful!