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Why Griboyedov was not challenged to a duel from - for Skalozuba?

Already became traditional that actors, players of Skalozuba in Woe from Wit represent it the rough martinet, such bourbon and the person frankly rather stupid. Whether and it it was represented by Griboyedov? The first doubts in similar treatment of an image of Skalozuba at me arose when read memoirs of participants of the Caucasian war. It is no secret that in the Caucasus all desperate rubak, rowdies, duelists and officers involved in participation in the movement of Decembrists were collected.

In the Caucasian army where most of officers were participants of wars with Napoleon, questions of a military valor stood very highly. Here the personal insult, but an insult of officer honor, the regiment or army - could never forgive. And Griboyedov reads to these officers Woe from Wit which they enthusiastically accept. If in the comedy the participant of war with Napoleon, and that Skalozub was, was represented as it is represented in theaters today, officers would queue to call the author (being in 1812 a cornet in a militia) on duel. What Skalozub appeared before them?

It appears, everything is very simple. Trade in a surname places syllables, the Scoffer will turn out. It also conceived this image by Griboyedov. Skalozub - an ernik, the joker, the scoffer who is fencing off rough jokes from importunity of Famusov seeing in it the potential groom for the daughter. Try to read remarks of Skalozuba in other tonality, it is not rather stupid and pompous, and with irony, sarcasm, a smile, bitterness. And if still to know what in these remarks is ciphered (for Caucasians it a secret was not), then the picture turns out absolutely another.

By the way, the image of the similar joker was at officers of the Caucasian army before eyes. This is their commander-in-chief general Yermolov about whose rough, but caustic jokes jokes went across all Russia.

Remember the comedy. Already the first remarks of Skalozuba show that he sees Famusov through, can accompany it, wasting courtesies, and maybe was able to tear off if something does not want to discuss. You remember his answer to a question of Nastasia Nikolaevna: I do not know - with, it is guilty; we with it together did not serve . Then women did not serve in general, stats - ladies and the maid of honor it is not counted. In his answer directly sounds: Yes be unhooked, you. It does not intend to discuss this old woman, and everyones sestrina, child`s sisters-in-law are also indifferent for me . This remark the author as if sets the tone for all subsequent statements of the hero - something can and be bandied, and from something we will frankly laugh the matter off.

When Famusov tries to carry on conversation on a subject of search of the groom, especially interesting to it, for the daughter, Skalozub obviously does not react, and to the translation of conversation from the Moscow brides on first-throned in general, on - army roughly laughs the matter off - distance of the huge " size; showing that you should not continue a subject. Agree if these remarks to say with a smile, their essence sharply changes. In these words all on a surface. It is necessary to pick up the correct intonation only. And here it is not simple to reader and viewer of our time to understand others though contemporaries met them by an applause.

Undoubtedly, a certain soldafonstvo, but in good sense, is available for Skalozuba. He is a conscientious gimper, the fighting officer receiving positions a period of service ( behind a regiment two years moved ) but not on someone`s favor. Skalozub emphasizes that in 1813 in the period of a foreign campaign served in an egersky regiment. At the time of Griboyedov well knew that huntsman work ahead of fighting orders of army and the first enter fight with the opponent. But Skalozub does not want to discuss the fighting affairs with Famusov. Even about a fighting award he laughs the matter off that received it for August third when we sat down in a trench: to it (brother) it is given with a bow, me on a neck . Famusov could not understand in what here a dirty trick, and the Caucasian officers perfectly knew that they of the huntsman on trenches did not sit and fights - that was not on August 3 as till August 10 there was a truce. By the way, in one of the first versions of the comedy sounded: For August third; we took the " battery;. Here also understand how you want: battery of bottles or tools. Perhaps, this option was also read in the Caucasus.

Now about awards. Skalozub with the brother received awards St. Vladimir 3 and 4 classes, the highest award for officers in their ranks. Also the word " is not for nothing used; bow which was added to an award 4 classes for a military feat. It would seem, a trifle, but Griboyedov specially emphasizes with this bow that awards were for fighting differences.

For contemporaries frankly differently, than for us, the remark of Skalozuba about prospects of promotion sounded: I am Quite happy in my companions, Vacancies are just open; That seniors will switch off others, Others, you look, are interrupted . At that time war went only in the Caucasus where the death of the colonel was a rarity. But after Decembrist uprising when only under court there were 23 colonel and the lieutenant colonel, the colonel Pestel was hung up, and the number of the colonels excluded from lists of a seniority or dismissed and is difficult to count, vacancies just and opened. Therefore if to say this remark of Skalozuba with bitterness, then the understanding and an applause of officers - Caucasians will be provided.

I think, listeners met not by a smaller applause two more remarks of Skalozuba: I will please you: a general rumor That there is a project about lyceums, schools, gymnasiums; There will only learn on ours: time, two; And books will keep so: for big opportunities and I am a prince - to Grigory and I will give the Sergeant-major in Voltery to you, He in three ranks you will construct, And peep, so in a trice will calm . For contemporaries the hint was extremely transparent - just in those days the emperor Nicholas I who had the nickname sergeant-major rigidly eradicated the freethinking in society which brought in his opinion, to December events.

By the way, hints and semi-hints which were clear to Griboyedov`s contemporaries, but escape today`s audience and actors playing comedies in it it is a lot of.

In my opinion, Griboyedov in something sneers at the hero, and indirectly and over officers, but does it mildly. In army the aspiration to office growth, to career is natural, and Skalozub speaks to Famusov: Yes, that ranks to get, eat many channels; As the true philosopher I judge them: To me if only got in generals . But at the same time Skalozub wishes to scoff in conversation with Chatsky at the attitude of society towards military: Skilfully as you concerned Prejudice of Moscow Against favourites, against guard, to Guards, to gvardionets; To their gold, sewing marvel as if to the sun! . And on Hlestova`s words that Not the skilled worker I regiments - that to distinguish with a smile answers: And uniform there are otlichka: In edging uniforms, pogonchik, petlichka . Pay attention that he calls elements of a military uniform ironically umenshitelno. Oh, it is not simple and Sergey Sergeich Skalozub is not straightforward. He is, of course, a gimper, but also to laugh at something that for military service not the main thing, he is able.

If I interested you, take Griboyedov`s small volume and re-read Woe from Wit but in advance present that Skalozub is the joker and the scoffer. Only this way in the comedy it is possible to see what in it once was put by the author and that forced to laugh and clap his listeners.