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How to be prepared for a campaign in a military registration and enlistment office?

Can now this subject will seem and not absolutely actual, but is closer to spring it will occupy minds of very many people, especially mothers - how to otkosit from army ? I as the doctor, I want to give several advice, but not such how to feign various diseases and how to behave to those people who have these diseases.

Unfortunately, in a military registration and enlistment office of your children examine far not so fixedly as you would like it. In principle, doctors can be understood too. So the care about health of your child falls on your shoulders. Even if you do not think of army and to you only year yet, but your kid got sick with something, then surely it needs to be fixed in the out-patient card. And if delivered you a chronic disease then the doctor, and your task to watch that he did not forget to write down it in the history of an illness has to fix any aggravation.

You should not self-medicate even if you know what can help your child. At first call the doctor, he will record the diagnosis, and then be accepted to treatment. And most important - control documentation . Copy each inspection as, unfortunately, very much often such important documents are lost. At us in policlinic though to my child only a year, even analyses interest nobody until you come and you will ask about result. And only then they begin to be looked for... It is asked and for what you appointed them? So control and duplicate especially as the copy also has legal value if you on it set the seal of policlinic or hospital.

By the way, in the law it is stated, that each person has the right to address for alternative examination in the medical institution having the corresponding license . Also and with inspection. Very often inspection which not always is in policlinics and free hospitals is required some additional. You can agree about its carrying out, and results at you have the right to accept. So be not afraid to hold the ground, health of your child depends only on you.

Now about transition to adult policlinic . Carefully control this process, it is insufficiently simple to start the new card. Your regional doctor has to write huge translated epikriz, where to specify all diseases, and not just catarrhal, all complications, inspections, treatment, recommendations. And besides, receive the duplicate of this document. In general, to this age you already have to have all inspections and important documents on hands. I will remind that they are valid when on them there are press of medical institution.

In a military registration and enlistment office has no right to refuse to you reception of these documents if all press are put down . Unfortunately, to you to doctors not to break through so try to explain all rights to your child. And that there were no misunderstanding then, at submission of documents in a military registration and enlistment office write two applications with a request to file these documents. And on the copy which remained with you there has to be a mark about receiving by their military registration and enlistment office.

Demand inspection from a military registration and enlistment office if you know that your child is sick with a chronic disease that it did not turn out the same as with my friend. At it beautiful the blossoming neurodermatitis. Is evident - horror. And that when it came to a military registration and enlistment office, did not even worry as here even inspections were not necessary, the diagnosis is so obvious. And the doctor, even without having looked, wrote: it is healthy. And it happens.

Now you were directed nevertheless to inspection, already from a military registration and enlistment office. In hospital to you will appoint certain procedures, and you can duplicate them in the medical institution. And then to provide both conclusions in a military registration and enlistment office.

And one more: to recruits doctors treat with understanding, but here they, maybe, owing to the age, treat the situation not crucially. You fix time for inspection, children are late or in general forget. In my opinion, I had yet no recruit who strictly would carry out orders of doctors. So council: if you do not annoy attending physicians, then control performance all of them instructions.