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Why works of the writer Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak became actual again?

are again noted Today growth of reader`s interest in works of the writer Dmitry Narkisovich Mamin-Sibiryak in which it skillfully showed life new Russians the end of the XIX century, opened the world of people for whom money became the main sense of existence. Figuratively the writer expressed it, speaking about one of the heroes: To Acquire still to acquire, became that shell which accrued on it more and more thickly every year and slowly buried under the cover the living person . Sounds before surprise it is modern, isn`t that so?

Future writer was born in the small factory settlement of the Verkhotursky County of the Perm province on November 6 (on October 25), 1852 in a family of the local priest. It seemed, for it in life everything is in advance predetermined. And what destiny can expect the son of the modest factory priest from the Ural remote place where to the next city what Nizhny Tagil is, there will be nearly 150 kilometers on off road terrain? The barefoot childhood, study in Bursa, then in a theological seminary, a marriage on the popovsky daughter and modest arrival in boondocks of the Urals or in Siberia.

Perhaps, so all also occurred, but the priest Narcissus Mamin since the childhood imparted to the son love to reading, without representing what it can lead to. Subsequently Dmitry remembered: The book played a major role In our house, and the father used each free minute to be engaged in reading . When suited Dmitry it is time to get a full education, a question of, where to study did not stand. Money for definition of the son in a gymnasium in a family was not, and the boy was brought to Yekaterinburg in spiritual school (Bursa). The boy could not sustain Bursatsky customs, and the father had to take away him home. But in two years Dmitry came to be in the same Bursa again, and after its termination - in the Perm theological seminary. But he is not fated to graduate from seminary any more.

Customs in seminary differed from bursatsky a little, but the part of seminarists was fond of revolutionary ideas, reading the forbidden literature and even collected a small underground bibliotechka. Here Dmitry for the first time could read Herzen, Dobrolyubov, Chernyshevsky`s books, learned ideas of populists. Under the influence of read, he decided to change the life abruptly. Despite the father`s arrangements, Dmitry left seminary and in the spring of 1871 went to St. Petersburg to arrive on veterinary office of Mediko - surgical academy.

In the capital Dmitry began to visit revolutionary student circles again and even got under supervision of police. He not only read much, but also itself began to try to write especially as cooperation with newspapers gave though small, but earnings, and he could hope only for himself, the father at best sent using a convenient opportunity a few products. Soon he departed from active participation in circles of populists and devoted himself to journalistic and literary work. But supported views of populists for a long time that found reflection in its reportings and works.

The reportings of the young journalist which were regularly published since 1875 in " newspapers; News and Russian world showed good savoir vivre and ability to find details, interesting to readers, in it would seem the ordinary phenomena of life. In the same time he begins to publish in magazines stories and small sketches about original people with which he had to get acquainted in the period of life in the Urals: Old man Red " cap; In mountains Mermaids . Stories of a particular interest do not cause in readers. Perhaps, understanding it, Dmitry Mamin does not sign them with the name yet, being behind pseudonyms. In 1876 he writes the first novel In whirlpool of passions . The novel turned out frankly weak and imitative. Saltykov-Shchedrin refused to publish it in Domestic notes but encouraged the author, having advised to work, perfect more own style and more deeply to study national life. Dmitry managed to publish the novel in the small magazine, having hidden under a pseudonym E. Tomsky.

Having understood that the physician from him will not turn out, Dmitry this year passed to law department of the St. Petersburg university. But also here could study all about a year. Deterioration in health (doctors suspected a consumption) and lack of money for payment of study forced it to leave university and to leave home.

After death in 1878 of the father Dmitry with a family moved to Yekaterinburg where he is interrupted by the single earnings received for tutoring and publications in the press. He continued to write and better to understand national life, went across the Urals much, met people, wrote down the everyday stories told by them. At the beginning of 1880 - x years of its work are published in magazines of Moscow and St. Petersburg under a pseudonym D. Sibiryak again.

Now and Saltykov-Shchedrin willingly takes works of the young writer for the publication in Domestic notes . Soon Dmitry attaches to a surname a pseudonym and already as Mamin-Sibiryak becomes known to readers from whom he gains popularity the works opening for readers the mysterious world of the Urals: gold prospectors and Old Believers, factory workers and local industrial bigwigs, taiga hermits and frank robbers.

In 1883 in the " magazine; Business its novel " is printed; Privalovsky millions figuratively and brightly shown the new social types succeeding old merchants. The novel brought to the author wide popularity. The next year he publishes the next novel Mountain nest continuing the Ural subject. It is curious that in the following novel On the street the author transfers the heroes who saved up the capitals in the Urals to St. Petersburg where, in their opinion, it is possible to be developed on the present with big money. All this before surprise reminds our reality when new Russians hammered together the capital in the Russian remote place, direct to submit capital.

Mamin-Sibiryak tried the hand also in dramatic art, but his plays of such success as novels, did not get. Its feather possesses also a number of historical stories in which action is developed in the Urals and in Siberia.

Since the beginning 90 - x years Mamin-Sibiryak except large prose began to write wonderful fairy tales and stories for children. There was it after in 1892 his beloved wife died, and Dmitry Narkisovich began to bring up the juvenile daughter. The collections " prepared by it; Alenushkina of the fairy tale and Children`s shadows were repeatedly republished during lifetime of the author. And today it is difficult to find the person who in the childhood would not read Grey neck Summer lightnings Winter quarters on Ice cold . Its fairy tales not only learn to love and understand the native nature, they are rather kind.

In the last years of life the writer had a serious illness, but continued to write. Mamin-Sibiryak on November 15 (2), 1912, in several days after the 60 - the anniversaries died. Buried him on the Nikolsky cemetery of Aleksandro - the Nevsky monastery.