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Which of Valery Chkalov made green little man ?

the family, relatives and tens of friends will go on September 26 to the Pyatnitsky cemetery of the capital to lay flowers on a grave of Olga Sergeyevna Vysotskaya who died on 95 8 years ago - m to year of life. She lived very long and happy life, became one of the most beautiful voices of the Soviet Union. Began on All-Union radio and when the television was created, became one of his first announcers.

In 60 - e years when at once in several regional centers studios of television were created, the beginning announcers studied skill on Olga Vysotskaya and Yury Levitan`s records. And this correspondence school was not only the first step in their working careers, but also left an indelible mark so as pupils of these two bright masters can consider not without justification themselves not only those who worked near them, but also big group often of colleagues unfamiliar to them

Bluebird of happiness did not depart...

She was born on June 12, 1906 in Moscow in a family of the electrician working at the railroad. Then railway department was one of the most solid and organized in the country, one may say, the state in the state. And stations often were considered as the real centers of culture, especially in those settlements where they were nearly the most capital structure in the settlement

In a word, children of railroad workers had an opportunity to develop harmoniously in various circles. So, 8 - summer Olga before the beginning of World War I came to children`s club Summer lightning where was engaged at first in two circles: dancing and art reading, and then also theatrical was fond.

In this children`s club, by and large, the love to the native word, ability to allocate with an accent the most significant part of the offer also arose. And in " drama school; Bluebird of happiness (those years Maurice Maeterlinck`s creativity was considered as nearly sign) Olya was marked out and predicted big creative future.

All and thought - after leaving school the girl will enter to any theatrical university. But she chose other way: got a job on factory the silk sorter. And in free time played sports much. It now you will force to do nobody morning physical exercises, and then without easy warm-up since morning any day including day off did not begin.

By means of this physical exercises Olga also managed to declare herself loudly. Those years helped to carry out a set of exercises to the Soviet people radio. Every morning from plates in communal flats call signs after whom the vigorous voice of the leader declared were distributed: We Begin a complex of morning physical exercises. We start the first exercise. A starting position - legs at shoulder length

To criticize the easiest. And you try... Tried to carry out

these exercises and Olga who was engaged then with children in native club. Not all turned out. And then the member of the Komsomol scribbled the angry letter to Vladimir Vasilyevich Nabokov. He was just responsible for preparation of these programs. Something touched it in that letter, and he invited her in the first tiny radio studio on Nikolskaya, to get acquainted. This meeting ended with the curious offer: to improve a " broadcast; Morning exercises not councils from outside, and real participation in it.

So the first position of Olga Vysotskaya on radio not the announcer as consider many, and the poseur, that is the person who carries out exercises under teams of the sports instructor

However everything exchanged soon. For Olga the old car of radio studio came one of the first, somewhere at a quarter past four a.m. in order that after news which then began at five o`clock to transfer a complex of physical exercises. But it happened so that announcers were late (the car with a frightening regularity broke). And then Olya asked to read the text for the announcer. It had a trained voice though first she had to work fairly to get rid from mushmouth so called those who were going to become an announcer with insufficiently good diction to

Green little men on air

But the brightest impression on Olga Sergeyevna were made by television. At the very beginning of the formation it was black - white, and there were many various subtleties. In particular, in order that faces of the people appearing on screens looked more naturally, make-up artists - wig-makers densely imposed a thick layer of a green make-up.

Once with it there was an incident. Vysotskaya somehow remembered that she had to conduct conversation with legendary pilots - Chkalov, Baydukov and Belyakov. Baydukov with Belyakov came first and, having seen a frog green face of Vysotskaya, considered that just scoff at them. Hardly - hardly persuaded them to put fighting coloring. And what was to Valery Chkalov who came running in studio directly on a tag . Having seen Martian faces of fighting friends, he did not doubt at all that it is mean draw that there are forces left in a huff and jumped out in a corridor. Hardly caught up with the pilot and asked to put a make-up

Had to tell Olga Sergeyevna to Valery Pavlovich that a green face not the most terrible what can be. It came to the first record of physical exercises in elegant brightly - a red bathing suit. Only began to keep the program as the operator began to swing hands furiously: red " color; it was not read and Olechka looked on the screen in " style; nu

Vysotskaya, of course, wanted to be a leader on television. But it had one essential shortcoming: she very much liked to gesticulate. And on the screen it was evident at once. On the other hand, on radio it was possible to do any movements, listeners of it saw nothing. Here therefore Olga Sergeyevna did not linger so long on television. But its voice was known and loved millions of Soviet people.

The destiny sent the Victory

Of course, years of the Great Patriotic War, its first period when our troops left one city behind another were most difficult. And during a siege of Moscow it was necessary to leave under a roar of tools. But announcers never left the places, did not go down in an air-raid shelter the Destiny awarded with

Vysotskaya wholly. Announcers in couples, the man with the woman, most often every other day were on duty. Night with 8 for May 9, 1945 dropped out turn of work of Vysotskaya and Levitan. Yury Borisovich entered 2 o`clock in the morning in studio, holding some text in hand. On a joyful face of the leader all understood at once: it is the Victory!

And on June 24, 1945 Olga Sergeyevna happened to keep the reporting with Victory Day parade Vysotskaya`s

of one of the few staff of All-Union radio gave an honorary title - the honored actress of the USSR, she spent about 60 years with the microphone.

Live soul of the person

U us on To School of life the most interesting articles are read too by announcers. And therefore there is a wish to transfer to them and their colleagues working with listeners, Olga Sergeyevna Vysotskaya`s wish.

- I consider that it is such most grateful possibility of self-expression and self-realization for the person who approaches the microphone. It has to do it tremblingly, love and the highest professionalism. It is necessary to work without cease, from the first day to the last - to improve language, to remember the one who listens to you, never to forget about that with whom you speak, never to consider the microphone - only a metal subject, and to remember what behind it is live soul of the person. Always I took

of the Photo of Olga Sergeyevna Vysotskaya from the website of the Museum of radio and television...