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Whether it is worth getting houses an exotic animal? Part 2

the Most important that the person who decided to get the pet has to understand - is not present animals simple in contents. In the second part of article we will listen to a practical advice of the biologist - the consultant Alexey Altukhov.

Not less important, he considers, to get preliminary advice of the good expert. Everything decided on purchase, Alexey advises nevertheless to think over arguments against purchases, and, not less than three. Let`s tell, your relatives can have an allergy, or the forage for a gecko will run up on neighbors, and the iguana acquired twenty-centimetric lace will shoot up up to one and a half meters.

Animals have no incentive motive to asceticism, they have to receive everything that is necessary the nature, this mission now - for you. Otherwise, the animal will be ill and suffer. Think also of life expectancy of the pet. Children to whom presented an animal, growing up, often lose to it interest, parents should care for it. The gecko currents lives 10 - 15 years, and the iguana and that is more - all 20.

The rule of the choice live exotic only one - responsibility, harmony of your opportunities and inquiries of an animal. Especially carefully it is necessary to approach a question of donation of animals that the gift was desired, it has to be picked carefully up.

Alexey presented to one of the friends of an astronotus - fish of family tsikhlidovy. He considers that, speaking about this species of fishes, it is possible to use safely the word intelligence . This fish lives in the rivers of South America, under natural conditions reaches length 35 cm, in bondage - slightly less. This is strong, extraordinary beautiful fish, the whitebait is especially nice. But, getting an astronotus, it is necessary to remember that even in small volumes it can reach the sizes, impressive for a small fish, - to 30 cm therefore all equipment and scenery have to be carefully fixed in an aquarium.

One more nuance: coloring of the grown fish can differ from promised by sellers. Traditionally it has is gray - a blue color or brown with wide yellow, beige, marble strips and spots. Alexey`s friend to it is gray - to fish, brown with marble orange sides, became attached outright. His Yashka - the Dimedrol is bright and capricious: for example, at strangers he will not eat and will not emerge for a back pochyosyvaniye. But alone it is ready to companionship, it can scratch sides, to treat with veal pieces which it quickly is enough, and after that falls by a bottom, to have a rest after food.

At such unexpected for fish emotional, literally friendly, return, astronotus it is unpretentious. The big aquarium, liters on 70, with soil from sand, stones, stiff-leaved and floating plants is necessary for its contents. Water temperature of 24 - 26 degrees, aeration, a filtration are necessary. It is possible to contain an astronotus with large small fishes, but small he will take for a forage and will eat. Large individuals eat a huge number of live food: generally earthworms, pieces of beef heart and meat, grasshoppers and tadpoles.

Costs astronotus differently - from 100 rubles to 300 - 500 dollars. Everything depends on age and a coloring of a small fish. Now types, extraordinary beautiful and rare on a color, are removed: marble, albinos, red and others.

And there are a little more financial nuances, however, too of very relative: the chameleon, an iguana cost 150 - 250 dollars, a gecko - from 50 dollars. The price of a terrarium depends on the sizes and the equipment, apartments for a reptile on the " system; all inclusive (lighting, falls, live and artificial plants, a reservoir, a rug from coconut fibers, lianas, snags, foggy installation, a heat-insulated floor) will pull for 15 000 rubles.

All this easily, there would be money, it is possible to get in pet-shops, and also to order a terrarium or an aquarium according to sketches, the sizes, and even to issue it in the necessary style. And, of course, always on sale of a forage, delicacy, vitamins, means of hygiene, veterinary preparations.

Moreover, it is possible to sign the contract with experts for service of a terrarium or an aquarium at office or at home, including its cleaning, and also feeding and medical examination of animals. In the presence of financial opportunities, it, perhaps, is also an optimal variant of communication with become fashionable wild friends .