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Whether it is worth getting houses an exotic animal? Part 1

If you is visited by this thought, do not drive it, and seriously analyse all parties of a question. You will have a food for reflections, disputes between sharp opponents of sale of animals and supporters of communication with the wild nature last at home long ago. It is important to you to find reliable information, to listen to a professional advice.

In the first part of article we will talk about the main offers of the market of exotic. To become the owner of a nature corner, even the smallest, it is possible only on condition of observance of the relevant standards, that is, through the pet-shop having the license for trade in animals. The buyer buys the healthy, adapted to new conditions animal here, and also accessories to competent contents, gets advice and cautions.

To distinguish sound, reliable shop is very simple. In - the first, it spacious, equipped with devices, convenient for animals, - counters, cages, open-air cages etc., halls are conditioned and properly lit. In - the second, as consultants experts - zoologists, veterinarians and other " work here; animal professionals. And, at last, here work by the rules established by Moskompriroda, SES, veterinary service and firefighters.

Experts will help you to decide on the choice of the wild pet or on specification of the weight consumer category - all exotic animals demand careful leaving and are expensive in contents. The defining factor at the choice wild friend there has to be a readiness to provide it due, very difficult leaving.

Today there was a certain circle of exotic preferences: birds (in the majority - parrots), iguanas, chameleons, geckoes, agamas, pythons, royal snakes, amphibians, crocodiles, spiders, cockroaches... Experts note that the exotic range of pet-shops became less, primacies and large parrots almost disappeared. In a favor now of a reptile .

Alexey Petrov who devoted to exotic animals many years and being one of authoritative consultants in this area considers that reptiles won the consumer niche from - for relative unpretentiousness. Though degree of relativity is individual, the main thing - accurately to represent in what the invention what size there will be an adult animal that will be required for ensuring its healthy existence will pour out.

Keep in mind that the herpetologist, the specialist in reptiles, a rarity, and the ordinary veterinarian will not always be able and will undertake to help a sick python, for example. But it is necessary to feed a python infrequently - one rabbit a month will be required.

At Alexey 10 years there lives a tiger python , length it at the beginning of their friendship made 10 cm, now it is a snake of 4,5 m, weighing 40 kg. Here, by the way, there is one cunning: the more the room which held a python the quicker he grows. Alexey equipped a balcony niche under a terrarium, having connected it to the room a glass wall, thus, it always a little bit outdoors, and, on wild.

Addressed to a python does not respond, and Alexey advises persons interested to get a reptile to consider the following fact: pythons, lizards and other cold blooded practically do not get used to the person. However and they need caress: than more often you will communicate with the pet, including to stroke him, especially quiet and appeasable he will be.

More other reptiles get used to the person a green iguana . The lizard received the name for bright, green coloring, a remarkable detail of her appearance is also the crest on a back and gorlovoymeshok. She quite easily adapts to new conditions, is amusing, bright, mobile, but, having played, can fine splash a tail. Its diet consists of fruit, vegetables, bean, greens, a tops of vegetable, it is necessary to feed it daily, having small cut fruit and vegetables before an entertainment.

Keeping of an iguana will require a terrarium with the spacious pool which is warmed up from below as the animal likes to swim for a while and lie down in water. But the iguana will spend the most part of time on massive branches, about them, of course, it is necessary to take care, as well as of the general level of humidity and due temperature, besides, existence of UF - a lamp is obligatory.

One more favourite of terrariumist - a gecko currents . This lizard can become the interlocutor as possesses the real voice. It makes amusing sounds like chirping, clicks, peep and croaking. As activity of this gecko is shown by the evening, all night long you will hear how he says the name received, by the way, from - for this sound combinations - currents . However, sounds are made only by a male, and here biting temper is shown by both floors, stings of a gecko are very painful, in attempt to take in hand the gecko strongly is inflated and hisses.

Currents surprising stenolaz paws of a small animal are supplied with the microscopic shchetinka holding him on a vertical surface. Despite ability currents to go on vertical glass, a back surface of a terrarium where it contains, it is necessary to decorate with wood bark. Besides, the corresponding plants, and also quite bright lighting are necessary for it, it is desirable a blue lamp. Temperature is maintained a temperature regulator, and, the - for day and night. Two more important indicators of detention regime - humidity and ventilation.

Not easy currents and to support. The diet of a gecko is made by flour worms and crickets, them it is necessary " too; to contain - to grow up and store. It does not stop skilled terrariumist, they actively experiment at cultivation of food for the pet. However a conclusion is simple: for contents currents of desire it is not enough, experience and patience are necessary.

In the exotic price list there are, of course, also unpretentious, but amazing beings. About it is in the second part of article.