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In what uniqueness of a chinchilla?

from one hair bulb grow In magnificent silky fur of extraordinary density to 40 hairs. Beauty of fur led to sad result: the small animal appeared on the verge of destruction...

the chinchilla Is from South America, its time confuse to a mountain rabbit, similarity is valid is and both animals belong to family of rodents. A chinchilla - the mobile, beautiful, amusing, literally touching small animal.

There is a set of the theories explaining why people choose these or those animals. Even without going into psychological subtleties, it is easy to assume that fans of chinchillas are people extraordinary. It is also possible to claim that their number is big - the Internet is rich with the websites of shinshilloved and shinshillolyub. If you are attracted by an image of this pretty girl, use these resources, study councils of the colleagues on adoration.

How to choose a chinchilla?

Standard the gray small animal can be light or dark. Manufacturers on breeding farms of Europe allocate animals with the most dark back and very white paunch. As the fur is the main sight of a chinchilla, at the choice of a small animal experts advise to try to inflate his hair, in ideal option you should not see skin. But before blowing, let`s be defined where we will look for the fluffy friend.

The Shinshillolyuba which filled cones of bitter experience are advised to address the manufacturer though, undoubtedly, both in the market, and in pet-shop it is possible to buy a healthy animal, but the risk nevertheless is. In - the first, shop to shop discord, often sellers have superficial and even false ideas of the conditions necessary for keeping of chinchillas.

In - the second, experts give on the websites convincing arguments, factual: for example, they complain that they and on the markets of a chinchilla in 99 cases from 100 get to shops from Poland or the Czech Republic where for a long time are engaged in cultivation of these animals, but for fur business. Therefore animals are held on the special hormones improving quality of fur, and sub-standard not durable small animals alloy at below cost prices to Moscow. They get both to pet-shops, and on Poultry market .

For reliability remember signs of health of a chinchilla :

- bright, shining and clean eyes;

- equal teeth is yellow - orange color;

- free, fluffy and dense wool without the torn-out scraps and high temples;

- clean velvety ears without scars, dirt and dandruff;

- a clean dry nose without crusts and other traces of an inflammation.

Having decided on health of a small animal, pay attention to its character. The chinchilla has to be not only beautiful, but also suit you on temperament: it can be active, business stress-resistant or balanced, silent, inclined to communication and caress. But, we will repeat, at a difference in traits of character, the healthy chinchilla is always vigorous, curious and mobile.

How to support a chinchilla?

the chinchilla lives In bondage till 15 years. In favor of its house contents it is possible to carry the absence fact at an animal of sweat glands to pluses, chinchillas do not smell. The small animal gets used to the owner and gives in to training. Biting individuals come across seldom.

But there are also minuses. In - the first, it is the night small animal liking to gambol at the same time. It is possible to call a chinchilla safely by the adventurer, she will disaccustom you to leave things anywhere. The small animal who is let out from a cage is anxious only with one - that to gnaw it. It is impossible to disaccustom him to this habit so it is necessary to reconcile to the damage caused to furniture or wires at once.

There is one more feature. If you seize a small animal with intention to play, and he will not have such desire, he will appear on freedom, and you in hands will have wool shred. The fur will grow month through three, and you will reckon with desires of a small animal from now on.

The chinchilla needs a big cage and the more the better, besides, she needs to take sand baths. Sand for this purpose should be bought, and it is expensive. However, and the animal does not treat cheap. Abroad the cost of a chinchilla of a standard color can fluctuate from $50 to $200, the non-standard, color chinchilla can cost up to $5000. In Russia they are sold at the price from 50 to $400, depending on quality, by colors, age and other.

Qualitative forages make for a chinchilla only abroad, but in each case it is necessary to select a diet of a small animal individually. Illiterate feeding is fraught with problems and even death of an animal. It is better to take a chinchilla with a forage to which she got used, and gradually to transfer her to other food. Besides purchased forages, it is possible to give hay, oats. It is necessary to take care also of a stone for grinding of teeth, they happen different too and suitable your small animal it is necessary to select.

A chinchilla - a twilight and night animal: in the afternoon until you work, the chinchilla will sleep off and will find for you time in the evening, and at night if you do not disturb her, she will go about the own business. The chinchilla has no molt season, it fades almost imperceptibly. Care of this animal is simple: daily cleaning, feeding and change of water, on it no more than half an hour leaves.

A chinchilla - the good friend for patient owners, she is sociable and curious, is easily tamed and even gives in to training. She becomes the real family member to whom forgive all pranks, and they happen quite often. Sharp teeth as the razor, cut off buttons of the panel forgotten on a sofa, gets from them and to wires of electrical accessories and furniture.

There are also other arguments in favor of the weighed approach to acquisition of a chinchilla. Perhaps, you should refuse this invention if:

- you have no money for a good small animal, a big cage, a special forage, special sand for bathing;

- to your children is less than 12 years;

- at you is already other animals;

- you cannot allocate under a cage volume cubic meter in the quiet place; you have no

- an opportunity to put a cage in the room where nobody sleeps.

In all other cases, at desire to be reconciled with features of the fluffy beauty, you will get the close friend!