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Why to live without dependence has to become the law of life?

Life are a long road which should be passed adequately. But not at all it turns out. It is impossible as we would like. People make many mistakes which cannot be corrected, it is impossible to cross out. To cross out as we cross out them on sheets of paper; we erase and forget about them. But in life all not so. Life will not allow us to forget any mistake, any miss. Life is severe to us. It puts on our way many barriers, tests, and, having overcome them, we become more hardy. But not all overcome these barriers and tests. Many just break as stems from strong wind. And not all can rise then and go further with highly raised head.

All life we depend on someone or on something. Sometimes, and it is possible to tell that in increasing frequency, this dependence becomes an addiction. Addictions are tobacco smoking, alcoholism and the most terrible - drugs. These habits harm not only to us, our organism, but also the people surrounding to us. Let`s take, for example, the playing children at a playground, and near them fathers who, killing time, smoke. Really they do not understand how the tobacco smoke harms their children? Why they and all of us allow addictions to enter our life, to put in it everything upside down?

Life has stages. It begins with the birth, and comes to an end with death. And between these two stages there is also youth. It is a springtime of human life, it is time the greatest freshness and sharpness of impressions, it is time surprises and opening when the whole world reveals before us in all the variety, complexity and beauty. A time of formation of characters, estimates and ideals, questions on which it is necessary to find answers. It is time when we want to try forbidden fruits.

What forces us it to do? Perhaps society in which we live? Society has laws which should submit and if you do not follow them, then will be a derelict. Not everyone will venture to go all and not everyone wants to be black sheep not to everyone it in power. And society influences our further destiny.

Having got to the company, we do everything to lift the authority. And lifting authority, we lose ourselves, the person, we refuse the principles, views. And in the company we the first time try bitter taste of cigarettes and sweet taste of wine. We try just like that, for the sake of interest, for the sake of an entertainment; to seem adult to itself that to fill with something the leisure.

Some begin to drink from aspiration to be forgotten, to be disconnected from reality. Alcohol gives illusions to which in real life not the place. Not the last role is played also by overfatigue. Smoking cigarettes and drinking, they calm themselves the fact that will be able to throw that there is a will power, and they will not be as those which and cannot day without cigarettes and binge. There will pass time, and they will lack it as cups of warm tea in the mornings or a hot bathtub for the night.

Smoke young and elderly, young men and girls; all smoke, irrespective of race and skin color. To see a cigarette in hands of the girl, the guy became for us a norm of life. And so should not be. They are future mothers, fathers!

There is one more pathological addiction - drug. Drug is white death death in the tablets . Drug can be knocked at any door, irrespective of age and the status. To drug addiction young people at the age of 13 - 19 years are especially pliable.

There is a lot of motives of the use of young people of drugs. Each person has reasons. The reasons are individual in each case. As flight in a narcotic dope the vital various difficulties connected with the family conflicts, school troubles or influence of companions, fashion on drugs can serve. Doing drugs, they feel that they got to Heaven and they like this feeling, they begin to get used to it unconsciously. And having woken up in one fine and solar morning realize that now drugs direct them. From - for drugs they begin to lie to parents, friends, to steal and it is even worse - to kill.

From drugs misfortunes and diseases proceed. Sitting at dirty entrances, you will not wait for something good. Young people with the carefree past abruptly change the bright future, doing drugs. Drugs are included into their life imperceptibly, but leave in it not erased traces. Traces which in most cases lead to death. Life which they did not learn yet and there did not pass all its stages. Life is given us once. And therefore we have to, are obliged to live it so that at the end of life it was not a shame with itself. Each person leaves behind a part something good. And this good will always live in our hearts.

In the mornings we are awoken by a sunbeam, and we have to rejoice to the fact that we can feel its heat; that we see the sun at ourselves over the head and dewdrops on leaves. To rejoice to the fact that we breathe fresh air we touch finger-tips a green grass, we hear how the stream murmurs in the spring and birds in the wood sing. We have to be happy that we just live. We live, without looking on any tests and adversities. We live to all enemies to spite and we build the laws of life without any dependence.