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What is the gift certificate and than it is good? A look on the other side of

Practically in any beauty shop, boutique or a supermarket it is possible to acquire for a certain sum beautifully processed document - the gift certificate. For certain you know for what it is necessary. I will not describe in detail all pluses of the gift certificate as convenient and beautiful gift now, I will tell only that the gift certificate is an original and universal gift in search of which it is not necessary to spend too much time, wandering on shops.

And what if to us to take a detached view of the gift certificate not of his buyer, and from the seller? Perhaps, and for a long time it is time for your firm to think of such service for the clients?

Even do not doubt whether there will be profitable this idea! Costs of gift certificates not such big. You will only need to develop design of certificates and to pay for their listing. Agree, it is much cheaper, than, for example, production of new goods.

Gift certificates are not only a way it is favorable to sell your goods and services. It also a way to attract new clients. Can present the certificate to the person who never heard about your firm, and as services are already paid, it will surely use them. So the gift certificate will play also an advertizing role.

One more huge plus of gift certificates is that if his owner chose goods or service as cost less, than the certificate face value, a difference in a money equivalent is not compensated to it. The gift certificate cannot be exchanged for money, it is impossible to return, it can only be used. But even if the certificate will not be used (only 80 sold certificates from 100 statistically are used), you will not lose anything, except the potential client, money - that is already paid for the certificate!

Sales of gift certificates increase before holidays. You want to sell as much as possible gift certificates? It can be made, having used services of firms and the Internet - the shops specializing in sale of gifts. When people do not know what to give, they go to gift shop, it is not important - be - that real shop of souvenirs or the virtual Internet - shop.

As a rule, a certain sum which the recipient can spend for any goods and services of your firm at discretion is specified in gift certificates. But what prevents us to change a little the standard scheme of drawing up such certificate? Instead of a certain sum of money you can specify in the certificate the list of goods and services at once. This small cunning can help you with sale stale or, on the contrary, goods absolutely new and unfamiliar to the buyer.

That your gift certificates well were on sale, they have to have an attractive appearance. The standard gift certificate has an appearance of beautifully processed document which is put in the company folder or an envelope.

That your certificate differed from others and drew attention of clients, show a little imagination. For example, tie up your gift certificates festive ribbons or at once pack into expensive beautiful brown paper for gifts. It is possible to add the gift certificate with a small greeting card on behalf of the director of firm.

And finally one more council - let your certificate will be color, bright - down with boring is black - white documents!