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Whether the rabbit can become the friend of the person?

do not doubt! The owner of a tail - a pomponchik is capable to a true friendship. The rabbit poligamen, it affects his character: it is very sociable, capable to become attached to the owner and to become literally the full member of a family. The rabbit - the kid is located on a palm, the look so touches him that it is capable to soften the most cruel heart. Extremely tender, kind, sensitive small animal is very sensitive

, but at mutual trust and the gentle address is capable to thank a true friendship.

What there are rabbits?

Now in the world about 200 breeds of rabbits from which in our country part about 20 breeds and pedigree groups are. Breeds are subdivided on various signs, for example, to a type of ears. The rabbits having the long, connecting with each other in the top part heads with a thickening (a so-called wreath) ears are called lop-eared or rams.

Besides, all rabbits on a condition of indumentum are divided into three groups: usual, short-haired, long-haired. There are even plush rabbits whose indumentum on appearance and is to the touch very similar to plush. This breed is called Rex .

Rabbits of long-haired breeds, on the contrary, have magnificent indumentum, here too there are two types: fox rabbits (they can be white and blue) and the Angora rabbits.

What rabbit to choose?

it is difficult for b to Tell

about preferences though popularity of dwarfish breeds, both sleek-haired, and long-haired is obvious. There are fashionable tendencies, it is possible to carry the Angora dwarfish rabbits to them, they are white, spotty, beige and even blue. Local options prevail in today`s offer, for example, the Angora rabbits in shops and are often presented today at the markets so-called Polish " mohair; that is the rabbits of a hybrid of fox and Angora breeds delivered from Poland.

Having armed with knowledge, look for shop with the qualified sellers capable to answer your questions. Solid shops have constant manufacturers and sell the healthy adapted small animals or take orders for the necessary breed.

How to look after a rabbit? Maintenance and care of a rabbit are not too burdensome

. He has to live both in a cage, and out of it, it should allocate the territory which will be his house. This zone should be exempted previously from objects which to a rabbit will want to be gnawed, especially it concerns various wires. Make it surely, otherwise communication with the brother - a rabbit will be saddened by offense on a gluttonous small animal! It is very important to be prepared carefully for a stage of adaptation of a small animal on the new place. These efforts will pay off soon.

The rabbit is clean, as well as a cat, he will choose a certain place for a toilet, it is easy to accustom him to the cat`s pallet. The stern, hay, various additives and delicacies are on sale in pet-shops, besides, it is possible to diversify the pet`s diet with a fresh grass, branches, vegetables and fruit. Anyway surely it is necessary to give hay of which in pet-shops it is enough, and in the most various on the weight and a form to packing.

About what it is impossible to forget?

Getting a rabbit, presenting as a gift, you have to be sure that the animal will find the careful owner. There live rabbits about 10 years (dwarfish breeds less). Care - the first what your pet needs. The digestive tract of a rabbit has to work constantly, otherwise the animal can get poisoned with exchange products. Hay or other forage always have to be in a cage.

Being amused with a small animal, especially not dwarfish, you remember that at him quite strong and at desire he can strike hinder legs very noticeably. Contrary to the got accustomed drawn stereotype, the rabbit cannot be lifted for ears at all. It is very painful for it! Take the friend by the scruff and, besides, never give a flick to a rabbit, strong click can even kill him.

Rabbits are very subject to stresses, love to worry literally as people therefore it is necessary to make thrifty use of a pet. And still it should be preserved against drafts.

There is a thoroughbred rabbit beginning from 50 dollars, it is better to get in the authoritative, checked on friends and acquaintances place. Doubtful purchase can turn back an unexpected surprise: the four hundred-gram kid will weigh kilograms 10 - 12 soon. The main mistakes of owners - acquisition of a rabbit in the doubtful place, without inoculations and a degelmintization, and also the wrong feeding (total absence of hay and rough forages).

Information on rabbits and their contents is generously submitted on the Internet, besides, there are clubs of fans and even nursery for the thrown rabbits. Communication with adherents, fans of rabbits is also capable to bring in your life nearly adventures.