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The Russian cars are how known in the West?

Perhaps now it will seem to someone strange, but cars of production USSR were in considerable demand abroad. For socialism fellows there is no wonder - though in the same Cuba it was full of the American cars requisitioned in revolution and thrown by former owners and in Yugoslavia of foreign cars was enough, but Muscovites and Volga were more reliable owing to a simple and unpretentious design and with spare parts there were no problems.

But it is worth noticing that our production found demand and in rotting capitalist countries. For at all not fattening French farmer Volga was just a find - big, spacious, fuel consumption reasonably, on it it is possible to carry potato or apples, and it is possible to go to visit or to relatives to the neighboring province. And to serve far more simply, than fancy " Citroen;. Were in demand and Muscovites known as Elite .

In England were on sale Volga with the wheel located on the right, however, this execution intended first of all for some tropical countries, for example Indonesia where too there was left-hand traffic. Bought through Avtoeksport Volga shone in film stories about James Bond`s adventures from time to time.

In Finland was in great demand solid respectable WINTERS . Finns found it very practical - at the put seats - strapontena of an average row through a wide door without effort loaded into salon 4 50 - liter flasks with milk. Volga too it was pleasant to the residents of Suomi who long since conceived a liking for the American design. Not bad was on sale even " Zaporozhets; under the " trademark; Yalta . It now about it is told by jokes, and for those times it was the full-fledged car, in all European countries its analogs were issued. Perhaps, such cars more serious perceived in Europe with its crowded streets and expensive gasoline, than at us exporting oil how much in vain and from a surplus of private transport not suffering, it is rather on the contrary.

The Americanized design helped our cars to find demand in Germany, in France where a number of local car makers used similar stylistics too. Simplicity of a design was also decisive factor. The dumping was not - the European analogs were at most 10% more expensive. Especially as local dealers, receiving our cars in initially improved complete set, right there carried out their operational development in the workshops. The removed luxury upholstery recovered back in the USSR where it found huge demand among our car owners. And Finns, Norwegians, Germans put the. Our cars went for export in two-color coloring, with white rings on tires - for the West it was the standard, such complete set could be beaten out from us on special protection though officially it was offered all for surcharge in 200 - 300 rubles.

Sometimes foreign dealers replaced by the Soviet cars some units, even the motor. Put automatic transmissions, British mounted the diesel of " firm; Perkins French used the diesel Indenor sometimes changed forward drum brakes Volga on disk. Quite often additional moldings fixed on a body, put cast disks under rubber with lower and wide profile, new chairs with the improved lateral support and head restraints, seat belts.

Autoexport began to hand over positions already at the end of 60 - x - 21 - I Volga obviously lingered on the conveyor, in 68 - m announced new model, but it appeared only in 2 years and there was not such what expected it to see the western buyer. For 1958 Volga it was rather effective and at the same time it is available therefore got a gold medal in Brussels, the new model was perceived rather as not the newest and rather simplified Opel . However, and 24 - I was on sale in Europe. There it found demand in such bright flowers as cherry, blue, salatovo - green. The salon was upholstered with sound gabardine, the wheel received a beautiful braid, generally, everything as at people. But the complete set fell short of foreign cars - there was no easy adjustment even of a driver`s seat (however, with it were reconciled - and at the newcomer Reyndzh Rover seats regulated by means of a wrench), the steering column regulated on an inclination and developing at strong collision, ventilation left much to be desired, and here rubber rugs were pleasant to buyers - it was not terrible to come into the car in dirty boots. But more expensive complete sets for which planned to gain more money were on sale badly from - for the fleecy rugs which are soiled and collecting moisture on a floor.

" Zhiguli; GDR was the most prestigious make of the car, the line for them was twice shorter, than for local Trabantom and Vartburgom Volga went not bad too, but it was already represented bulky and gluttonous. And here the capitalist countries took our cars already not so willingly, but Autoexport held positions for the account UAZ - 469 and Field became just break as was revelation for the whole world - to it in the West did not see other compact SUVs except uncomfortable iron boxes with tarpaulin top. It in thousands was bought by such countries as England, France, Italy, Spain, only by the end 80 - x its began to restrict the Japanese compact SUVs.

UAZ still successfully is on sale in the tropical countries as can compete with it only " there; " Land Rover; and that at all not at the price. Volga do not remember outside former great and mighty any more, but certain fans are going to clubs, there are admirers and at UAZ are stored in the museums and the private " collections; Winters and Seagulls appear on streets of the American cities Volga bought in Mexico Muscovites (they would be on sale and in the USA, the signing of the contract on delivery of big party already prepared, but here our air defenses brought down their U - 2, the piloted Pauersom). From Japan our seamen carry cheap Toyota and " Nissans; and here one young Japanese, having seen on Sakhalin Field literally fell in love with her and took away with itself to the native Kyoto. A certain German tourist wound on To the Field already three circumnavigations, visited in 60 - ti the countries, spending the night always in the tent established on its roof. In a collection of the prince Rainier III Grimaldi ruling the independent state of Monaco was UAZ - 69 he with pleasure drove it. Constantly went on goat and Fidel Castro to whom there was to taste its simplicity (and here on presented by John Kennedy El Dorado Cadillac Brogem he did not want to go). Collections known for the whole world are stored in some Muscovites - 407 - y, 403 - y, 408 - y models, occasionally 401 - e - once at plant prepared special samples for sending as a gift for governors of east states consisting in friendship with the Soviet Union.