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How to prepare a Christmas turkey with vegetables in English?

the Traditional Christmas lunch in English are the turkey baked in an oven with boiled vegetables. Though now not all British adhere to this tradition to prepare a turkey for Christmas.

For many years in we wash with preparation of a Christmas lunch the house the husband is engaged. Having received by phone from the mother the ought instructions for preparation of a turkey, he puts on a wide apron, a beret a turkey for breasts and fills it with a special filler - a staffing stuffing previously having killed him in hot water. Such filler can be got in any supermarket of England, but - it is better to prepare my council most, so much more tasty!

There is a big variety of fillers for a turkey. Who what it is ready for! But I will give the most widespread and traditional staffing for a turkey.

The Staffing with pork, a sage, onions and apples. to

For preparation of a staffing to you will need 30 grams of butter, one onions head of average size, 500 grams of ground pork, 60 grams of white crackers, one average egg, two apples of the sour grades cleared of a peel and chopped on small pieces, two tablespoons of a fresh sage and 200 grams of previously fried and chopped chestnuts.

1. Warm oil on a frying pan, put the cut onions there and you extinguish to softness on moderate fire of 5 - 7 minutes. At the end shift onions in a plate for cooling.

2. Meanwhile mix ground pork, croutons, egg, apples and a sage in a whole, then add the cooled-down onions to mix.

3. In conclusion add fried chestnuts, carefully mix mix that chestnuts did not turn into mashed potatoes and remained separate pieces.

So when we prepared a stuffing, bought a turkey on 5 - 6 kilograms, stocked up with smoked bacon and butter, can start a nachineniye of the heroine of the occasion. Having rinsed it under flowing water, you need to cover properly a turkey with butter, both inside, and outside. Now do not forget to weigh a carcass as you need to time its preparation which corresponds to 20 minutes on each 500 grams of meat. In a word, the turkey weighing 6 kilograms has to stay in an oven before full preparation at least four hours, and even a little it is more.

Now you can safely fill a turkey with a staffing, then put her on a baking sheet and cover leather of a turkey outside with smoked bacon that did not burn. Meanwhile warm an oven to 190 º With, cover a turkey with a kitchen foil and put in an oven.

Now it is a high time to be engaged in vegetables.

First of all, it is necessary to prepare potatoes. Six - seven potatoes of average size, from calculation one potato on the person to clean and cut lengthways on chetvertushka, to lay on a baking sheet or in the glass fire-resistant vessel covered with butter, to salt to taste, to put in an oven for an hour with small before the end of preparation of a turkey and to bake to a suntanned crust.

On six persons it will be required to you: one inflorescence of broccoli and one inflorescence of a cauliflower, pieces four carrots of average size and half a kilo of Brussels sprout. To cut broccoli and a cauliflower on components, carrots to clean and cut with circles or straws as it is pleasant to whom. To boil all vegetables for half an hour to readiness of a turkey that they remained hot.

Meanwhile your turkey appeared in time, take out her from an oven, remove burned bacon and cut a turkey on portion parts, since brisket. Put pieces on the big plates which are in advance warmed in an oven, and nearby boiled vegetables and the baked potatoes and fill in plate contents with the hot " sauce; Greyv . And also give to a table Cranberry and Apple sauces, table mustard and hrenok.

Appetite pleasant to you in English, misters!