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How to take the place general chief ? Or his assistant

Ideal directors are not. There is too much demands which are made to the director of modern corporation for the mere mortal and if to list all his duties, it becomes obvious that any person is not capable of all this .

James Tsitrin, the founder of HR - agency of Spencer Stuart, for the career the 165th top which provided workplaces - to managers.

Here so! Without sensible assistants any super - a puper - ultra - mega - the head cannot do today. And whom he will choose to himself in these assistants? Why not you?

I know your thoughts...

Bothered! You sit in one place! You salary increase, neither office transport, nor the schedule free, the main thing, does not allow to order about! Only all who feel like it go! Here if to take the place ponachalstvenny above... only it is terrible, here

And what here to fear?! Let`s try!

It cannot be that hard!

First of all, what lines should be developed in itself to become general chief or at least general assistant to the general chief . So far

1. Ability to allocate on what to be focused and what to reject.

2. Determination.

3. Persistence.

4. Ingenuity.

5. Deltsovost or narrow-mindedness in good sense of the word.

6. Ability to pick up the working team.

7. Ability to find approach to any necessary person, not important, in or out of firm.

8. Ability to expect, intuitive intuition.

9. Ability to adjust autonomous work of system.

And, eventually

10. Ability to carry out any projects in the set terms.

If some of these qualities at you is not present, it is necessary to develop them urgently. The quicker, the better.

Further. We look for the key person. Or chelovek Such people are always, on all steps of the corporate power. However, sometimes leaders they informal, and still. Not for nothing such people are called by key figures, by them - as a key from the lock. If this person leaves, then and work of firm at this step will significantly go wrong. To jump through the heads of such people - is more expensive to itself and whether there is a game of candles? It is better to have such person in allies, will always help out! If you find approach to it!

We look for approach to such key person. Here, as in investigation, the puncture should not be. We collect the complete file on it and on that person which place you want to take.

Carefully analyze the received materials on a subject and whether you will be able to make that work that is done by the person on that treasured place, also or better. Or it is much better. What should be corrected that the area of your future responsibility worked much better, than now. Otherwise it is impossible! Why you then there to put if everything works also?

The result of the analysis can be and absolutely unexpected: and can and you should not seek to take the place of this specific chief. Perhaps there are quite good prospects to develop own new direction within the company, and it is natural, being his initiator, to become the most general head of this direction.

Prepare to yourself replacement. Someone has to remain on your place after you! Share professional skills and secrets with one or two colleagues who, in principle, can cope with duties on your today`s place.

We begin to act .

1. Faultlessly we perform works on the place so that so far nobody could replace you.

2. Through the key person we try to obtain that that recommended you general also arranged a meeting.

3. Further all depends on how you will be able to give yourself. Be not afraid, show results of the work, only not all! Reserve a noa - Hau! Surely! Surely mention that you hope for the help of key people of the company with whom you got good relations already in advance. That already trained the successor to whom surely you will help at the beginning. Ask for it the help and council. Knock and will open!

Of course, not everything will go smoothly, and still, if all of you made correctly to throw away such valuable workers what you will prove to be at this meeting the normal head will not be obvious!

Also there will be to you happiness! Professional

Ya so I think!