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Whom and how treat in America? Part 2

we Continue acquaintance to the American medicine.

For the second day after new year I formed gumboil. Tooth did not hurt, and I rinsed a mouth soda in hope that will manage. But the tumor did not fall down. And in couple of days the husband called the dentist, and we urgently there went.

Me at once made a panoramic picture of all teeth, found problem tooth And further strange things began. Instead of to make something with this tooth, the dentist advised me week to accept antibiotics. After that it was necessary to visit special clinic where do cleaning of channels (endodentist). Then I was necessary to return back to clinic where with me will continue work. I did all this, in few weeks returned back, already without gumboil, with the pure channel and a temporary seal. I fondly believed that here to me will replace a temporary seal with a constant and will let go in peace.

Instead the doctor told that we will put a porcelain crown. Let`s begin here and now! Further I spent two and a half hours on the operating table where to me ground off tooth and many times took measurements. It was not sick, but the sound of a drill, familiar since the childhood, did not inspire optimism Then made a crown, farther the technician came, adjusted a crown, put and let go in peace. Hardly opening mouth I asked: all this?

However it was only the temporary crown, and on fitting of a constant it is necessary to be in 2 weeks. Through the marked time I came again, the crown was ready, it was safely put on tooth. When I saw the account for this pleasure, in eyes at me darkened - 1250 dollars! (My health insurance did not cover this sum). Now I visit each 4 months a paradontolog in this clinic which watches my teeth and gums.

I had to observe how the American medicine when very serious disease is found in the patient with

Somehow to my husband works in the evening the doctor called and told that the biopsy showed presence of a tumor at it. It was like a bolt from the blue! What to do? Both are upset. In couple of days meeting to this doctor was appointed. My presence was an indispensable condition of conversation. Doctor Hicks in detail told what is revealed, depicted what methods of treatment can be offered at this stage of a disease, supplied with the corresponding literature and gave time for reflection.

We decided that operation will be best of all in this case. We called the doctor, he told that the following appointment will be with the surgeon who does such operations. We came to the scheduled meeting where there were doctor Hicks, doctor Park (surgeon), my husband and I. The surgeon, the young man of years 30, told that he began the first in Tucson to do such operations only half a year ago (the robot - the assisted laparoscopy). Date of operation was appointed, and expectation began.

Operation lasted 4,5 hours. Then the husband was placed in chamber of intensive therapy, through a couple of hours he was transported in rehabilitation chamber. He already recovered and could call me by phone (each patient has the telephone set). In 12 hours after operation it was lifted up and it began to go. In 24 hours it was already at home The cost of this operation (about 45 000 dollars) was completely covered with its health insurance. Now it is under continuous supervision of doctor Hicks

Finally wants to be told about one bitter experience of my acquaintance to local medicine. Two years ago I the first time came to reception to the endocrinologist. But it sent instead of itself(himself) the young maiden who 15 with a serious look asked me minutes on my problems. When I told everything to it and showed, the doctor still was not. Becoming crimson ears, she moved off in its searches, and in 10 minutes he appeared at last!

Doctor Johnson reported in pure Russian that it has a diploma of Harvard university that they were fine taught etc. there. After that I once again stated everything to it. He touched a finger my thyroid gland (where knot inside) and told that gland feels normally, wrote out my usual medicine, and on that we left. Further each half a year the scenario repeated: he to me did not appoint any analyses to check a condition of gland.

At the end of last year my doctor of primary practice found out that I have very low content of hormone of a thyroid gland, and it is very dangerous. She made adjustment in a dose of medicine which I take, and I decided to look for the expert more simply, without frills. And yesterday I tested full satisfaction from visit to the new doctor. He, by the way, praised my therapist for the correct and operational solution. The new doctor fast sent me to any analyses and wrote out what is necessary. Let`s hope that on it time was lucky me with my choice of the attending physician - the expert.

Here such it is different, American medicine...