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Whom and how treat in America? Part 1

When I only arrived to Tucson, I made resistant impression that a half of the population doctors make, the second - their patients. You have the right to ask why. Everything is very simple.

The first several sightseeing tours were followed by such comments of my husband:

- It are Saint - Joseph hospital it are Saint - Mari hospital it is University hospital - medical village where private doctors practice.

And how many family clinics and dentists in this city, any statistics is not able to consider it!

On streets and driving cars in the afternoon days the generation which is given rise in the thirties the last century generally prevails. And that is interesting, cars of these drivers have plates practically of all states of America. I asked the husband why there is a lot of them. It turned out that Arizona - the favourite vacation spot of the American pensioners in the oseena - the ziyena - spring time. They come here in October and leave the hospitable city in May.

For them the local population thought up the well-aimed name - winter little birds . All medical industry of the city works for tinning of these patients. Only well wealthy people are able to afford such rest. Respectively, quality of medical tinning is focused on them, and it at very high level.

In Russia I did not go to doctors for years. When it is necessary to visit some expert, it was necessary to rise hours at 5 in the morning and to get in a queue for a check. Not always it turned out from the first. Such system quickly discouraged to be engaged in the health. However, in recent years after numerous reforms in Russia in the magnificent " color; the paid medicine blossomed, but, unfortunately, not everyone can use its services.

But we will return to Tucson. My husband explained to me that it is necessary to watch over the health and tomorrow we will go to the doctor of primary practice. Of course, me was a reluctance to go anywhere as good reasons for visit to the doctor were not. We live out of town, and for tinning of local population there is a small clinic where therapists work. There were I with big scepticism there.

In registry at me asked to show the health insurance at once, after that it was necessary to fill a set of forms, then I was invited to the doctor. This was the very young girl - the probationer Well, - I thought, - arrived! However this girl within an hour made what in Russia I would spend not one week for. There were only small problems when she tried to find compliance of names of our drugs to the American analogs. It left with honor and this situation. It turned out that it has a pocket electronic reference book on all preparations which are available in the majority of the countries today. In 5 minutes it found everything and I received recipes of the traditional drugs.

One more interesting supervision from my communication with local medicine. To get to some expert, it is necessary to visit the doctor of primary practice in the beginning, and he will already give the list of experts from whom you can choose the one who is necessary to you and to receive to it the direction. If date of visit to the doctor is already appointed, then in one or two days you will be called by phone and will remind of visit. The appointment begins exactly in so many in how many at you it is noted in the direction.

There are no turns. As a rule, in all medical institutions there are halls with easy chairs, the TV, magazines, drinking water and sterile a pure toilet. It is possible to buy medicine in a drugstore only having the written-out recipe on your name. Just like that to buy something from serious drugs it will not turn out. The patient has the right to choose what medicine to buy him according to the recipe. It can order company tablets with the registered trademark (brendneym), and it will cost much to it enough. The second opportunity - to buy analog of original medicine (generic) which costs three times cheaper. As a rule, people with the low income and pensioners choose the second option.

Be continued.