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You have no money? Then we go.! Whether

Happened to you it: you open suddenly a purse to pay, for example, dentures or complete kitchen, or kilogram of meat, and absolutely distinctly you understand that to pay - that nothing? You aground!

- How it could happen? - you as if not the hostess to own purse and cash in it are distressed. - I bought nothing of that kind! Where money could get to?

It is good if these questions are asked by you to yourself, it is worse if these questions are asked suddenly to you by the husband who postponed money for purchase of some detail, very important for the car! Or aged parents who at this moment needed money for expensive treatment!

You are lost Still! Your feelings are familiar to me not by hearsay. Itself repeatedly was in a similar situation. So far the common sense, councils of some publications and an example of girlfriends who managed to solve a problem " did not come to the rescue yet; eternal lacks of money. Then it was necessary to reconsider a lot of things concerning purchases and an expense of money in general.

Now I want to share some secrets saving budget.

Always check any desire to buy a question: whether really I need this thing? Try not to buy it at once as soon as saw. Wait a two-three of days! And, if need for purchase does not disappear or you will not find anything better - buy! But

Good, sound. Always I remember council which heard long ago and not from many: We are not so rich to buy a cheap thing! . As a rule, good, sound things cost expensive. But they will serve long and will save your money!

Many prefer to buy necessary in the ware markets. However, as a rule, in such places sell the things let brought from - for borders (Turkey, China), but bought in the shops trading by the principle: On you, My God, that to us not to a gozha! .

I will give only one example. The daughter of my acquaintance decided to save a little, having bought a wedding dress on Cherkizone so in common people call the ware market near the " subway; Cherkizovskaya . Before chose to herself a suitable dress, went on the market the whole week. Eventually, just smart wedding dress was acquired! The bride looked in it excellently! However, already during a wedding celebration from a dress began to fly about spangles and bugles as autumn leaves from sad birches I carefully selected them from a floor and put in a small bag then to sew to a dress again.

Despite everything, the wedding dress was so beautifully and fitted on a fine-molded figure of the bride so well that the last decided to keep a dress for memory and to future descendants.

But not to send to a constant residence to a case a dress in which you spent all evening! Of course, it is better to refresh it What newly married also made. It wetted a dress in a basin with soft shampoo and left it in water for some time.

When time approached, Lena (we will call our heroine so) began to get a dress from water Why to get? Yes because the dress is simple - naprosto broke up to a set of details! Small and big! Details were not pristrochena to each other, they were pasted! Lena needed to do nothing how to push wet details in a big plastic bag and, with tears in the eyes, to ask the husband to take out them on wastebasket . Offensively, truth?

Well, well, we go further. What there at us?

Aha. Children! If you have children - be resistant! It is clear, that the child adored by you - is exclusive! But, you see, in everything the measure is necessary. From own experience I know that our children are the main opustoshitel of a parental purse! And your firmness in this case will render kind service not only to a purse, but also beloved kids, having taught them to patience, respect and understanding of financial opportunities of a family.

There is one more very important council!

Try not to get into debt on credit cards, but if it occurred - as soon as possible pay off them! Besides I speak not by hearsay, and from own experience and experience of my friends! Percent grow quicker, than you pay debts.

And then your expenses will not exceed the income, and you will be able to note with surprise that some sum of money smoothly passed for the next month! I would advise to postpone this sum in reserve . Try to postpone gradually regularly. Let it will be absolutely small sum, but through some time you are surprised in what it grew!

Only one example:

Very poor woman from the Indian village began to postpone on a handful (!) rice from what every day prepared for a family, in a pot. When the pot was filled, she sold rice, and put money on the bank account. Eventually, it on the account had enough money that the bank could issue it the loan which was enough for that her son opened a workshop on repair of bicycles!

It is sure, these simple councils will help also you to find economic independence!