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What facilitates breath or Why to breathe across Strelnikova ?

I very much liked in due time the thesis that no other than is the cornerstone of human life a rhythm. Life begins with heart beat and breath (and comes to an end under mourning march of Chopin).

Though breath is an unconditioned reflex, in ancient China was noticed that it gives in to if not management, then conscious control, and breathing exercises create a special rhythm of work of all organism.

No wonder, as ancient healers of different nationalities, and doctors - contemporaries developed the effective techniques of improvement of the person based on a certain system of breath. Such psychotropic techniques as " began to appear; holotropny breath - the artificial knocking down of a rhythm of normal breath leading to ambiguous consequences, sometimes even therapeutic.

Intuitively to it the opera singer of A. N came. Strelnikova who developed respiratory gymnastics for actors and singers. With it with pleasure A. Mironov, A. Dzhigarkhanyan, L. Kasatkina, M. Terekhova and many others were engaged. Only ten minutes of exercises, and the voice began to sound more purely and more brightly.

If not a case, Aleksandra Nikolaevna, maybe, would also not risk to be engaged in healing for what she was in disgrace in official medical circles. During the heart attack which paralyzed breath, Aleksandra Nikolaevna intuitively addressed the actor`s gymnastics and the first tried on herself its medical effect. So there was a respiratory gymnastics across Strelnikova .

Strelnikova conducted rather unhealthy, from the point of view of nutritionists and naturopaths, a way of life. Ate sandwiches, worked hard and had a little a rest. However twice a day surely carried out own set of exercises and perfectly felt. The long-liver, alas, did not become, having died in usual (rumors that, perhaps, and not absolutely usual went) road accident. 77 was it.

In what idea of strelnikovsky gymnastics?

You remember from classics: You Breathe more deeply: you are excited! And so, at Strelnikova slightly differently: Inhale it is noisy: whether the fire began?

The provision on an active breath (with small effort as though you smell air) and a passive exhalation is the cornerstone (imperceptibly, without efforts). All exercises are followed by the corresponding rhythmical movements of extremities or trunks often so that the breath was carried out at compression of a thorax.

The simplest exercise is called palms . It is necessary to strike a pose psychic : to show palms to the viewer to lower elbows, hands it is far from a body not to take away. Also rushed! Take an active noisy breath a nose and at the same time squeeze palms in cams. Freely exhaled. What can be simpler?

32 breaths - the movements on three times (so-called strelnikovsky one hundred ) - already each exercise of a complex. In total charging takes 30 minutes.

Respiratory gymnastics across Strelnikova - not panacea from all diseases. It is worth thinking of it if:

You want to raise a tone or to improve the nervously - a mental state;

To you should strengthen the device of blood circulation or to adjust functions warmly - vascular system;

To you should restore the broken nasal breath or to improve drainage function of bronchial tubes;

You have short wind or bronchial asthma; You the actor, the teacher or just tell


You stammer.

For each case there are recommendations, features of exercises and even contraindication. If only not to be lazy. Strelnikova liked to be engaged with heavy patients - nobody followed her instructions with such accuracy and rage as those whom doctors refused.

Is at gymnastics and side effects - for example, refusal of smoking. But it so, between times Still between times I will tell

that is advised by Strelnikova to announcers to recover the breath, having come running in radio studio after an hours-long traffic jam. with

of Any deep breaths, parting hands widely in the parties or lifting them up!

instead: to bend down to a floor, having lowered hands is slightly lower than knees and to hang for a while . And to make deep quiet breaths a nose or a mouth, sending air to a back or a waist. It, perhaps, will cut out from air, but your voice will be quiet and equal.

Breathe on health!