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and you know WHAT is dependence?

are a little theory In the beginning:

Dependence is a chronic DISEASE which is characterized by compulsive behavior (that is pristupoobrazny, uncontrollable) in the absence of the adequate relation to consequences of such behavior.

There are two types of dependences - chemical (drugs, alcohol, drugs and so forth) and emotional (workaholism, a game addiction, a seksogolizm (when there cannot long live a person with the same partner), food, codependence (dependence on other person and so forth) .

Dependence symptoms :

1) compulsiveness (a pristupoobraznost as wrote above already)

2) denial (alcoholics NEVER recognize that they are alcoholics, as well as addicts and other)

3) Suppression of emotions

4) Tolerance (decrease in reaction to influence of psychoactive agent - that is the longer drinks, the more it is necessary for it for satisfaction. The teacher on reception had a man who drank, according to him of 15 liters of beer a day!)

5) Abstinency (hangover) - and in this state the alcoholic can die (!) . Because alcohol already so got accustomed in its organism (or an organism to alcohol) that it without it cannot function already normally. About it speak: When drank - to a nicha was not ill, threw - everything hurts or When worked, was not ill and as left - I am ill and I am ill .

Well, at dependence people cannot without psychoactive agent from which at them dependence, to raise the level of endorphins, it is simpler - to enjoy life.

A, by the way, raises the level of endorphins sex for 40 - 45%, sport for 70 - 80%, gradually good news and so forth, but most of all, for 120% - OPEN CONFIDENTIAL CONVERSATION.

About coding . Coding is forbidden worldwide, except ours. Because each dependence mentions each of levels of functioning of the person (they are five - biochemical, physiological (at them - physical dependence - an organism got used to alcohol), psychological (the criticism to itself decreases, but raises - to others ( I drink not much at all, all of you are idiots!!! ), socially - psychological (from - for changes of behavior loses friends, acquaintances, work and so forth) and spiritual (makes anti-moral acts).

Formation of dependence goes from below up (from biochemical to spiritual), and here it is necessary to relieve of it from top to down (from spiritual to biochemical)!!! In the majority of the Russian narkologiya ONLY PHYSICAL DEPENDENCE is REMOVED (that is at the biochemical and physiological level). No comments.

And when CODING inspire that if drinks, then will die. That is develop FEAR at dependent. And fear - the most destructive for normal life... As a result of people coded does not live, and just keeps. Coding is justified only in one case - when inspire this fear at the time of an abstinence syndrome, but then the person SURELY HAS TO be ENGAGED IN REHABILITATION GROUP!!!!!

the example of CODEPENDENCE

Appeared in a family the alcoholic. It becomes a stress source for all family - because nobody knows any more when it comes that in general to expect from it... As a result it becomes the center of a family. And the others are FORCED to learn to live in a stress and consequently, forget to live in normal conditions. For this reason the alcoholic`s daughters most of all in life do not want to marry for similar to the parent, but in 90% of cases leave, without realizing.: - (

Codependence on the example of the alcoholic`s wife because it is, again, the most clear example.

So, the husband begins to come home later, from it even more often it smells of alcohol, even more often drunk and other. The wife at first has a sense of guilt, she considers that it is guilty of it because she is bad mother / mistress / hostess and so forth - she begins to watch strenuously herself (a role of the culprit). When she understands that she does not help, she begins to watch the husband (a role of the rescuer) and when and it does not help - a role of the persecutor or in general the terrorist (beats the husband, empties his pockets and so forth)

Then the husband has a tolerance increase, and the wife has an anesthesia of feelings, sensitivity loss. At this stage all shout around: Holy Christ, as you with it live, long ago it is time to leave him! I so could not!!! - that is from outside the situation is felt much heavier, than for the wife.

The following stage at the husband - loss of interest in everything that was important earlier. The wife respectively has a loss of interest in everything, except the husband. At this stage her life turns from active in jet, that is completely depends on his life.

At the husband then - loss of responsibility, at the wife is loss of responsibility for itself, but strengthening of responsibility for it ( let unloved, but necessary )

The husband has physical and mental violations, the wife has psychosomatic diseases (asthma, gastritis, an ulcer and long - the long list. the truth say that all diseases - from nerves).

And the worst as when the wife fences the husband from his drinking companions and when I will drink with it, to it will get " less; she actually is his accomplice, maintains his dependence by what does not recognize him as the patient! This paradox. Therefore work with wives too long and carefully.

And the last. Everything is remediable. We live in the 21st century. There are many people ready to help be not afraid to speak about problems, do not hesitate, do not hide from all - and, the main thing, you remember - is IT, And there is HIS ILLNESS. YOU LOVE IT, BUT HATE HIS ILLNESS, And WILL NOT SERVE IT! It is very important and - to differentiate very few people do it the person and his illness.

Books which are useful to all on this subject:

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3) Popularly about drugs and drug addiction Belogurov S. B., 200

4) Prevention of teenage and juvenile drug addiction under the editorship of Berezina

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