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To you as: to hold with two hands or one? We cut bread

the Most remote memories of cutting of bread belong to post-war years. In shops bread was on sale on weight, cut it big knives. The cut-off piece was put on lever scales, and then dorezat makeweights (or cut off superfluous). The shop assistant threw a makeweight on a cup of scales and did not wait until noses calm down. This moment always caused suspicion that you are given short weight. Storm of feelings: you are deceived, to you do not give the rest of bread, you entirely depend on the seller. And nothing can be made! In other shop there will be the same or it is even worse!

To cut it was rather heavy: bread crude, on a knife dough stuck, and it should be cleaned off regularly.

Following picture: the edge almost in a form of a hacksaw cloth is fixed on some hinged frame like parallelogram, the roll of bread is put under an edge, the seller does the movement as a saw cuts off. In comparison with a usual knife for the seller it was significantly easier. Perhaps, process went quicker, most likely so, but to confirm it or it is already impossible to disprove.

Then began to bake the formed bread of standard weight in one kilogram. By this time cancelled norms of delivery of bread and need to cut bread in shops left.

Now it is possible to cut bread in shops (mainly in large). And why to buy whole if on sale there is cut? The first: cut bread is 40 percent more expensive (according to my data). The second: not all grades of bread are on sale cut.

Cutting of bread of the house - not really interesting occupation, but free time of money does not replace therefore if you want to save - cut houses. Simple calculations show that the insignificant difference in the price would seem gives the notable sum in a year. From it you will not become the rich, but it is possible to spend this money for entertainments or gifts (for example, to buy brilliantik to the wife).

And how it is more convenient to cut house bread? And how it is correct to do it? Now somebody will arise: Yes what rules can be? Cut, and all here! Also will miss! In some old arch it was written: Do not cut bread, having put to breasts . I can tell that I still saw such picture in the house at the mother-in-law (her mother was from the Ural Cossacks, and house habits keep very long!) . I will notice that so cut toppling bread, round, thick and big. And rectangular and - you will not apply that to a breast!

On what to cut? It is possible also on a usual chopping board, it is desirable, especially for bread. And it is possible also on special, with cuts for a knife. And if to move a bread roll in process of cutting of pieces exactly on a lattice step (or in the same way to move a knife) - receive rovnenky pieces. And crumbs will fall in space between a lattice and the basis of a board. Cut - the lattice is taken out, crumbs are shaken out. Kulturnenko and it is decent! And in such boards there is a place for a grain knife - absolutely well! Full hygiene!

What knife to choose? Not really simple question. I touched several knives, did not stop yet. The knife - a saw, rather narrow, than wide, edge length - 18 centimeters is very convenient.

Further - how to serve bread. If at a table only house, it is possible to leave as it turned out. And here if guests - that is options. The elementary - cut off chunks of bread are cut perpendicular to the basis. Modified - the same chunks, but only on diagonal. And what difference? Perhaps you will like one of these types more, maybe, it will be more convenient. It seems to me, on diagonal - a krasivsha. And I have such feeling - a hill of bread steadier, does not strive to fall down.

And here very old story. There was it not in 1952, not a bit later. I came across a hook which was prepared to me by the brother. He asked: To You to cut off bread as: that you held it with two hands or one? I answered: Two! Also was stuck! Not really strongly, but all! I thought that the piece will be thicker. Figs to you (that is, me)! The brother cut off so thin piece that it was impossible to hold it one hand!

Of course, thin pieces are more economic, on the one hand. And with another - for some from your few familiar guests it can seem a sign of your avarice. In some old movie I heard the phrase: I Love this edge, here bread is largely cut!

So cut bread more thickly, you will not miss. But do not lean against breasts: unhygienically!