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Every summer the fashion indulges us, some tourist novelties. And here the turn reached also Morocco or Al Magrib of al Aks as Arabs call the edge. The amazing country adjoining in the north - with the Mediterranean Sea, in the south with the Sahara Desert, and in the West with the Atlantic Ocean. Many go there will plunge into east fairy tale with palaces, parks, gardens and lakes. Very few people know that the full official name - the Kingdom of Morocco.

So, travel was planned in February, and it was given the status of wedding. There is no wish to lie and say that was eager to visit this country. However, the kingdom moved when totally it developed so: before departure - week, the visa is not necessary, everywhere, where pulled, either the beginning of a rainy season, or something not so, well and a zamanukha as the promised discount for round. In Morocco - it is one of resorts where we visited for the first time and the first among our acquaintances Yes, what there to tell, only our few compatriots still happened to visit here so we felt as pioneers in some sense

I here we in Morocco, in the resort of Agadir. The plane come late at night and the impression about the city on the road from the airport was difficult to be received. The impression consisted of what was visible quite good. But we decided to start more detailed a sutra. By the way Agadir the city on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is possible to tell that it is the big, growing at intensive rates young city.

In 60 - x it was destroyed from - for earthquakes and in it there are no old sights, but it is possible to visit a zoo of birds, to see several mosques, to go on Zetrap and to look at a smart panorama, to walk, on small streets, at the same time, walking, it is possible to see many orange trees with fruits and banana palm trees. Oranges, as a rule, wild, something average between orange and a lime if to add to water its juice very well satisfies thirst. Also is not necessary forget about a headdress!!! - will bake so that you will not be glad.

Tourists there Russian, Ukrainian very much - it is not enough, one French and Germans. Since Morocco is the former Spanish and French colony, local speak Arabic, berber, and French, well and a little English know. One of delights of Agadir - the mountain on which on - it is Arab written God, Homeland, King in the evening this inscription with illumination is visible in my opinion on all city, and looks impressively beautifully!

Water in the ocean always warm, can hard enter sometimes, but quickly get used and enjoy clear water and numerous waves on which it is a pleasure to jump. In the ocean it is not deep (i.e. there is no sharply beginning depth and is not terrible at all), a bottom equal and sandy on which it is pleasant to go, something reminds a braid, especially during inflow, it is also possible to observe small flocks of the small fishes who are scurrying about between legs. Attention! after a storm to the coast can bring just unknown sizes of a jellyfish, they bright coloring bordovo - blue also are considered as diameter to meter poisonous therefore you should not touch them even if they lie ashore long ago...

And all - Morocco - the country of contrasts. And if you want to learn something new, to see people who skillfully and without serious consequences combine in the everyday life traditions of ancestors, achievements of the present which have the concept about the principles and meaning of life places are beautiful to look, to hang between the past and future, to experience a storm of positive and negative emotions from the surprises waiting behind each turn, to sit behind a cup of mint tea and under an appeal of the muezzin to think of something intimate - to you there. Morocco - not that country about which everything is already told and written and is quite possible that you will be able to make the contribution to opening of a riddle of this amazing country too and, what is the most important, to discover for itself the Morocco, unique, not similar to Morocco the others. Don`t be afraid!