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What reminds today`s business in the RuNet? El Dorado, Wild West, Klondike?

Again, again gold attracts us.

But, but gold as always will deceive us,

will ruin us!

(The song from to / f Makkena`s Gold )
you Know

when the beginner comes to the Internet, it seems to it that it got to the magic country.

I know on the wife. When I showed it only some delights of network life, several days I just could not drag it from a computer! Just physically could not! It was necessary to buy one more computer!

And when, having sat down on the Internet, the beginner begins to spread unlimited, quite considerable sums of money, he thinks of monetization, that is of extraction of money not from a pocket in the Network this world, and in back, in the pocket. Advantage though some to take from the Internet - hobbies. Especially as it, apparently, is so simple! At every turn shout of thousands of dollars, generous spronsor, monetary bonuses and the sea of a freebie! Well, it is direct the country of El Dorado where, according to legends, everything, all was made of gold!

So, to a beginner, to to the beginner business in the Internet just reminds the gold country - El Dorado!

Further shor from eyes begin to fly. Business - packages of the most modern system of generation (the word - that what, even bewitches) several kilodollars a day (bought for several dollars!) it appears. are scams. Who would know! There are freaks! It is necessary to find urgently suckers and to sell them the same system though to return back the money.

Generous sponsors distribute work on viewing of several thousand websites for which they (sponsors) were paid by owners of the websites. And as comes it is time to withdraw money, the account of the sucker of it (who as the fool, stared for 0. 00001 dollars on each website) ban. As rules of system are that.

What there still, bonuses monetary? Yes, when you are registered in some next scam, give a bonus in 10 cents. Pull out, then, however, much more! It is necessary to live somehow to those who thought up these systems also that who embodied them in zhist our, interrunetovsky! However, such systems are everywhere because human nature such. Just we have grotesque all this, is volume, as well as the broad Russian soul demands that. And protchy, protchy, protchy! And there is no place to complain, pancake, space - that virtual, without borders and laws. Hope - only on! Generally, it reminds nothing to you? To me - very much: what was created at the time of the Wild West!

So, begun the business on the Internet it seems that times of the Wild West , however, adjusted for time just came. In total - the 21st century outside.

All right, we go further. If the dude did not stop being engaged, then zamateret and begins to teach others. Where it is better to make so and so where sponsors will not throw. Also tells how to push to suckers the next business - a package, everything. registered according to its referalny reference! Or in general, business - packages stamps the why - that to share with others!

Tell, it does not remind you a gold-rush on Alaska? Klondike, so to speak.?

So far nobody believed that on Alaska there is a gold, someone extracted it. Someone quietly became the rich, because that incidentally found gold. And when the message was carried about it across all America, tens of thousands of fools started on Alaska looking for it. But while this gold was washed by pioneers, it was much. And when there tens of thousands came running, he just died. But those who came the first here began to hill suckers, I`m sorry, of beginners, teaching them to extract gold. For quite good money, of course! - Angela Soroka writes.

So, advanced the dude calling himself the Internet - the businessman, it is simple hills suckers , I`m sorry, teaches beginners for very good money. In total like anything, as at the time of a gold-rush on the Klondike River.

How many there will be still these times, wild, nobody knows. However, I think, everything will settle down. The presents business the Internet - the figures building the welfare on development of information economy, but not on an oblaposhivaniye of suckers - beginners will grow by couple of dollars. Or tens of dollars Such already and now is, we will remember at least Artemy Lebedev from ours. About founding fathers of Google I already also do not speak. Just laws, the relations and partnership will accept on the Internet absolutely other character when both partners win. Only this way it is possible to construct the big, steadily working and long-term Internet - business. Civilized!

Perhaps we will not look for mythical gold, and to bring each other benefit? Real advantage!

Though, maybe, I just dream?