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How to put the child to bed and at the same time to keep the nerves?

you communicated the whole day with your child, and here, at last, that instant which we, parents, look forward approaches, then we can give though a little time to ourselves darling. Came it is time to be put to bed . Here - that problems also begin.

I know literally several people at whom this process is painless both for the kid, and for mother. Perhaps we will use from experience and we will try? At least, personally it helped me.

For a start it is necessary to understand that your child, unlike you, does not understand why needs to spend time for such useless process as a dream . If in our world everything can be felt, touched, bitten, licked, then there you are absolutely helpless. Children as if drop out of the habitual world. Yes here still suddenly remember that they forgot to make the whole heap of things, madly important for them, today: to eat, shake a doll, to pee And still it is necessary and to esteem for the night. Here on it that a stage the patience of parents also comes to an end, especially after the fairy tale of the third or fifth, it who on how many is enough.

So for a start let`s understand, that moves our kids : they not on communicated with us in a day? No, just the dream is as separation. And to children, even the adult, this separation seems eternity. Your child loves you. Really this thought will not give you forces?

Now following. Each of us to himself defines border after which it begins to be irritated . You speak to yourself: in fifteen minutes he or she will fall asleep. But this time which is released by you to itself passed, and you begin to be angry. Is it better to tell this border not about himself, and to your child aloud. It has to be prepared for a dream in advance in spite of the fact that lays down every day at the same time. Tell it: Now we will look Good night kids then we will clean teeth, we esteem one (two, three) fairy tales, and then you will fall asleep.

And after each stage repeat: there took place transfer, now we brush teeth, we read and to sleep. Cleaned teeth, and you again: now we read and to sleep. As a result, your child will be prepared for this action and will resist not so. Also do not put to yourself time frames, your child the same living little man, only small. If it was instantly chopped off yesterday, it does not mean, as today there will be the same. Only you will be irritated.

Do not forget that despite all maturity (of course, it mostly concerns to teenagers), all of them are children and if resist a dream, then on it it is obligatory to eat some reason . Whatever age there was your child, it can are afraid. Yes, quite so. Very often problems with falling asleep can be connected with fears. Learn what your kid can be afraid of. Perhaps he looked at news before going to bed (and, as we know, nothing good is shown there).

By the way, children project all world around only on themselves. And if they saw murder or a robbery on the TV You will not explain that to them that it occurred far and the uncle to them will not come. Their head is so arranged that all of them try on on themselves. And with fear will wait for the angry uncle. And you would fall asleep in such situation?

Or there are fears of darkness. You should not laugh at them. You too once were small, and any monsters seemed to you. By the way, children feel more thinly. And they have richer imagination. Who knows, and can they really someone see. Their imaginations can quite come to life for them . So do not pass it by your attention. Better together fight.

One my friend together with the daughter drew on a Whatman paper of the guardian angel. Named it and punished to protect the daughter. Since then she sleeps peacefully absolutely. Think up that can help you in this case. Personally I and at adult age was afraid to remain one in the apartment and furthermore there to fill up (as they say, everything goes from the childhood). Also could overcome itself, having got a cat.

Well, and one more nuance. And can your child frightened the forthcoming day . He knows that since morning you will go to tooth, or in a garden the nurse promised to tear off a nose to your child? Promise for a campaign to the doctor some gift. Not so often it happens, you will not spoil him. But your kid with a gift anticipation, but not penal servitudes will fall asleep.

So listen to your children, then all whims and situations can be nullified.