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When it is necessary to do ultrasonography?

you with pleasure and pleasant surprise (even if waited for it) learned that you are pregnant. Now your following step to share this news with the husband and the relatives. And then already to care for itself and your yet not born baby. So, you go to a maternity welfare unit. Not important, in city, or in paid. Important the fact that it is necessary to undergo a certain complex of procedures. There is only one question: whether so certain procedures are really necessary? you will take a blood test on analyses, you will be examined, measured up and down, and then will suggest to make ultrasonography. Here - that also arises a question: to do or is not present? I do not argue, at many even do not cost such question. But, maybe, it from shortage of information. Just I suggest to read, and then already everyone will decide for himself what is necessary and for what indications are necessary.

Ultrasonography, as well as any medical intervention, demands certain indications . Yes, quite so, but not universal inspection of all and everyone. Let`s consider the most frequent reasons of to make this inspection. The first reason, naturally, to determine the term of pregnancy and childbirth . If does not change me memory, then at medical institute taught us around ten (it on my memory) methods of determination of terms of pregnancy. And actually it is much more of them. And almost all of them without interventions to which ultrasonography is. Now further. Sex of the child . Well, here and there is nothing to speak. It seems to me that it does not demand special procedure. Let there will be a surprise. If to you this procedure for indications is appointed, then at the same time it is possible to learn for whom you wait, but to specially irradiate for this purpose your not been born kid .

Then there are already more serious things. For example, obvity umbilical cords . Your kid will adopt the final provision (in 90% headfirst - head prelying) only by 36th week. And before it will turn ten times in the course of the day. So really you think that it will never be twisted. Both it will be twisted, and will develop, and there is nothing to panic. It is important already at the time of delivery if so there is a wish to define whether there are obvity. Though here I will notice that obvity it is terrible only in one on one thousand, in my opinion, but I will not lie in figures. Terribly it when the umbilical cord short and can drag on. And so the doctor will remove it from a neck of the kid and nothing terrible will occur, just will be in time. Especially as if you learn about an obvitiya, then it is impossible to make anything before childbirth, and you will surely spend nerves, will worry. But once again I will note that there is a certain list of medical indications when ultrasonography is just necessary. Whether but if getting so hungry to learn is obvity an umbilical cord, then it is possible to make this inspection just before childbirth when harm from this procedure is already minimum.

There is such concept as lack of water and abundance of water . Actually, it is not so important as waters are updated each two hours. Also the moment on which you will get is not known. It is necessary just to drink enough water, then lack of water is not terrible. And about abundance of water... It influences the child`s birth. If there are a lot of amniotic waters then puncture a bubble that childbirth began. Whether it it is so important to know everything?

Approximately on the 12th week there will be a planned first ultrasonography. Then you will be told whether there is no in a fruit of some pathologies. whether it is Down, for example. And now think. On this term about any abortion already the speech does not go, even doctors call if that, premature birth. And that according to indications. If you learn that with your kid not everything is all right (I mean, not vitally menacing things), you that, you will do abortion, to be exact childbirth? I do not think. So why all remained pregnancy to suffer that with your baby not everything is all right. It will definitely not add health to both of you.

It is possible to list a lot what, but I want to add. I write all this for those who feel well. If you have, God forbid, a bleeding, pains in the bottom of a stomach and in general some manifestations then any more not to reflections . Ultrasonography nevertheless can show some problems, such as an otsloyka of a placenta. But here already to you to regulate. Can Krovit and is normal, about a teaspoon in the first half of pregnancy. The neck of a uterus stretches. It is norm. Therefore, you should not be in the blissful dark. You mother, on you responsibility for your yet not born kid. And it will become farther even more. Learn, ask and not one doctor. To you to make the decision .

But not to be unfounded, I will give an example of scientific researches on an ultrasonography occasion . Read, earlier to pregnant women and the X-ray was done, and it was in the nature of things. I will not write much if whom interests, then I send to article of the senior research associate of Department of theoretical problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences Pyotr Petrovich Garyaev. The name - Ultrasonography shoots on the spot . Find, you will not regret. I will provide only some quotes which, as we know, can be pulled out from the text so I advise to read all article:

- researches showed that during ultrasonic radiation double spirals of DNA untwine and are even broken off - as happens at strong heating of these molecules ;

- Levity and self-confidence tsars of the nature are simply amazing. They know that some animals use ultrasound as the weapon: dolphins stun to them fish, cachalots of squids. But physicians offered patients will undergo similar influence - and they willingly agreed .

So look for, reflect. But do not forget that pregnancy is happiness of expectation of birth of your kid. And no horrors should sadden it. Enjoy a unification with your child. Also listen to yourself: your organism and the kid will let know that it is necessary for them and what it is worth refusing .