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What is noted 11 - go number 11 - go month exactly at 11 o`clock in the afternoon in Great Britain?

Once I wandered about long labyrinths of shopping center which was located in Burton`s center, in a small town of England. Then I only arrived to the country, accustomed to a new situation and much of customs and did not know ceremonies of the British people.

Suddenly microphones in shopping center turned on and began to count minutes. All stopped around, ceased to talk and stiffened for a moment. There was it 11 - go November, at 11:00 o`clock on the London time. I then did not know what to do to me, and decided to join most of citizens, shortened a stride and stiffened, carefully looking round on the parties. One foreign couple, without noticing the events, without looking around on the stiffened citizens, continued the way, exchanging words among themselves. But during some moment they suddenly realized, turned back and understood that people stood in a Moment of silence. None of British looked reproachfully at foreigners, nobody showed on them fingers, they continued to stand obediently and speechless on one place. A moment of silence ended, and citizens continued the affairs, indifferently.

It appears, 11 - go number 11 - go month in 11 - t o`clock in the morning 1918 in the Kompyensky wood the truce between Germany and the countries of the Entente was signed, and this date is considered in the official afternoon of the end of World War I continuing four years and three months. For years of war 10 million people died, and 20 million soldiers were wounded. Losses were enormous!!!

On November 11 Day of Memory of veterans of wars, or Day of " poppies; it is noted in Great Britain over all country moment of silence. Since the beginning of November in the cities there are veterans of the First and World War II of wars dressed in ceremonial forms with awards and medals on a breast. Yes, I did not make a reservation about veterans of World War I. In Great Britain several participants of this war are still living, their age exceeded a mark in 100 years.

In shops the red poppies made of paper, as a keepsake died on fields of battle everywhere are on sale. Symbolical comparison is mentioned in Homer`s works, he compared shortly living red poppies with the died soldiers on fields of battle. It is considered that seeds of poppies are loved when the earth is plowed, they can lie for years in the earth, expecting the moment. During World War I the soldiers who survived buried the companions directly on battlefields, digging over the earth up and down. Such amount of poppies sprouted on that field that nobody saw before.

After a Moment of silence there passes the memorial service and wreath-laying to the Tombs of the Unknown Soldier, to the Eternal flame. Members of royal family, leaders of political parties, ministers of the British government, religious figures, foreign representatives, simple people and many others to whom the destiny of the country is not indifferent participate in a ceremony.

Buying artificial red poppies, you participate in the charity event Red Poppy Appeal (The Appeal of Red Poppies) from which means go to help veterans of all wars. Attaching an emblem to itself on a breast, you thereby express gratitude to those people who did not regret the health and life for freedom and independence of the country. On November 11 red poppies, as on wave of a magic wand, blossom on lapels of suits, dresses and coat, notifying that nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten!