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Walks on fields and the woods. How I broke the law on a private property?

Ya live in Texas, in rural areas - it is possible to tell, on the ranch (in Russian - on the farm). Since recent time I decided that I will begin to walk at least hour a day - to spit already on a figure, and for health.

It is possible to walk at us in rural areas of Texas only on roads as fields and the woods are in a private property. It is possible to go to the city and there to walk in park, but petrol prices read off scale therefore the choice fell on roads.

Roads happen, as we know, highway and country. I began with the country unpaved road passing near our house. Trees are closed by a green tent over the road, supported by solar columns; the small streamlet squalls under a mostochok; in 20 minutes trees come to an end and the road runs out on the cleaned corn field; the following field is not squeezed yet; here time left - it is possible to be developed and go home.

Having taken a walk thus for about a week, I understood that it is necessary to change a route - long on the same road I will not stretch. Therefore I went on a highway. However the abundance of cars did not please me, and I curtailed on the first got country.

Having walked on it about mile, I decided to cut off a corner through the woods and fields. For some reason it seemed to me that my first country road covered with a green tent and the leader to the house is absolutely nearby - through one field from that on which I was at present. No sooner said than done. And I turned off road in bushes. The thought of a private property flashed and was gone - if something happens I will tell that it got lost.

Having torn through bush thickets, having passed on the clearing overgrown with a grass with height on a belt, and having become covered by repyam, I left to the dried-up stream. Most of all I concerned possible existence of snakes. Several types of venomous snakes - rattling, water moccasins, coppery-headed and coral are found in Texas. Rattling and coppery-headed do not live in the wood, coral have bright coloring, moccasins smell as skunks. Diligently sniffing and attentively looking under legs, I immediately got to bushes hold - a tree seized me tightly.

I did not manage to be torn out, the bush clung the more strong, than more diligently I tried to get out. It was necessary to deceive him, having sat down and having crept from below. I deliberated some time whether not to move to me the course of a stream. The stream will bring me to a Moscow point on my road, here only how to be if in it water appears? On the coast to me will be not to make the way... No, it is better to move the field. Here through this field I will pass - and there will be my road.

With such thoughts I vigorously moved through the field. Having passed it and having broken through the next bushes, I (instead of the desired road) saw one more field, as like as two peas similar to that which I just overcame. Coward thought But whether not to return to me back? came to my mind, but it was indignantly expelled as I love adventures. And eventually, my road precisely has to be after this field...

Having passed the third field, I stopped in a shadow of the next bushes and deeply reflected. Something was obvious not so. As I wanted that the owner of this private Texas property appeared and kicks expelled me with it - it is desirable towards some road, it is not obligatory for mine any more. But such luck did not happen. It was necessary to be chosen most. Having listened, I caught noise of cars. Road!

And I went to a sound. Having passed the next field, I came for noise - to see how the combines which just ended work on cleaning of corn - where are dragged away for the horizon? Correctly, in the field! My walk obviously dragged on, and the road everything was not. Having felt thirsty strongly, legs were tired to clamber on uneven fields, hands were scratched in unequal fight against the Texas flora, it is good still that the fauna behaved quietly.

For myself I decided three things - that I will not go not under any circumstances back that if I go straight all the time, then I will sometime come across some road and that I will never experiment with fields and the woods any more.

Probably, some of these decisions smilostivit the nature, and after the next field (seventh) I came - to the desired road conducting to the house - the truth, is strongly far from it. But it was not important any more. Pleasure from the fact that I was I covered repyam and scratches helped me to overcome the remained miles, and here, dirty, but happy, there were houses!

Since then I sacredly observe the law on a private property and I walk only on roads... Looking in bushes on roadsides - what there? Interestingly, my law-abiding what is the time will last...