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Whether it is possible to catch from city pigeons?

Unfortunately - yes. Pigeons can carry on themselves about 90 causative agents of different diseases, 7 of them constitute danger to the person. To be fair it is necessary to tell that the person is not less dangerous to a pigeon.

The wandering pigeons lived in North America. At flights they gathered in the multikilometer packs eclipsing the sky. For various reasons these birds were exterminated in all imaginable and inconceivable ways: shot from guns, rifles, guns... By the way, the machine gun was invented for fight against pigeons. Birds were netted, killed with sticks and stones. Their meat was prepared, salted, fattened it pigs For several decades at the end of the 19th century this look was exterminated completely!

So relationship difficult, people perceive pigeons on a miscellaneous: one - for (a symbol of the world, love, without support of the person they will die); others - against ( the flying rats importunate, unscrpulous, carriers of an infection). Pigeons are protected and struggle with them at the same time.

Myth history

of People cultivated a pigeon 5 or 6 thousand years ago because of magnificent orientation, the pigeon was used as a post bird. It is capable to overcome huge distances, gathering speed to 100 km/h and spending many hours in flight.

The English banker Rothschild managed to conclude incredibly good bargains in 1815, having received pigeon mail prompt, for those times, news of the result of fight at Waterloo. In 1942 in England post depth rescued the submarine, having delivered on protected a call for help.

Proofs of respect for this bird are in culture and religions of many people. In Christianity it is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, in a freemasonry - innocence and purity. The pigeon appeared on the prophet Muhammad`s shoulder, personifying the Divine inspiration descending on it. In China it is a longevity symbol, the USA calls aggressive politicians hawks, and peaceful - pigeons. Pablo Picasso, having represented a pigeon on the poster of the first World congress of defenfers of peace in 1949, made her a modern symbol of the world, having strengthened already faultless reputation of a pigeon.

The clinical record

the Poetical image of a pigeon is tried to be compromised ethology (the scientists studying behavior of animals under natural conditions) long ago, reminding that pigeons are quite aggressive birds who are often putting up fights in fight for food or places of nesting.

Scientists were supported by lyric poets, their arguments have no scientific base, but are not less convincing. Akhmatova contemptuously called regal Venice a gold dovecot at " water; and Igor Severyanin expressed negative attitude to pigeons with the metaphoricalness subject only to poets:

It ogorozhanitsya, absolutely manual

I proud did not become similar to a bird any more, -

Something in it chicken, than will get at it!
it he wrote

I in 1935, long before epidemics of bird flu. Today the fact that wild and domestic pigeons are carriers of causative agents of the infectious diseases dangerous to the person is considered immutable. Doctors always warned pigeon breeders about infectious danger, there was time when ranks of those were numerous. Today in the cities it is much more fans to communicate with birds on walk and to feed them.

If you belong to their number, do not forget that the smallest particles of dust which get into lungs are especially dangerous and cause irritation of mucous tissue of airways. The allergic inflammation at inhalation of dust can arise as an independent disease. And, of course, dust may contain pathogenic microbes and viruses. The greatest danger in the epidemiological relation is constituted by viruses of an illness of Newcastle, encephalitis. From bacterial infections it is necessary to allocate ornithosis, salmonellosis, tuberculosis, an ugly face, listeriosis, a tulyaremiya; from group of protozoa - toxoplasmosis.

Still big threat is posed by the intimidated world bird flu . For the first time from this illness started talking about death of pigeons in 2004. In the summer of 2005 the virus of flu was found in wild pigeons in a number of regions of Russia, quarantine events and even shooting of wild birds were held.

By the end of summer pigeons, having managed to breed strongly, get off in zimovochny packs. Here also traps them danger: the infection is transmitted vozdushno - a drop way, perishes to 60% of individuals.

But also it not everything, clinical record not only the medical, but also social aspect has a pigeon. Pigeons bring posterity from three to seven times in a year, depending on quantity of a forage which they are able to get. Each pigeon annually leaves on asphalt and facades of town houses of 10 - 12 kg of a damp dung which like acid corrodes any surface.

Without recipe the European cities faced

this problem, an axiom long ago - Venice where many buildings are damaged by a bird`s dung. But that is simple to find the solution not so - the universal recipe does not exist. Since 1996 the ban on feeding of pigeons in Munich works, under the threat of a penalty and eviction from the apartment forbade to feed pigeons to residents of Hong Kong. The English authorities, rescuing sights of London, resorted to the help of holders of lovchy falcons and hawks, considering that birds of prey - a natural and ecological method, unlike the pigeons practicing before shooting and a podsypaniye to them poisons.

In Moscow also paid attention to birds of prey and already realize this idea. But we, of course, incomparably have more pigeons, than methods of the solution of this and any other problem. And if the habit of communication with birds is expensive to you, do not forget about precautionary measures.