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How to clear guitar strings and to prolong to them life?

If you are fond of playing a guitar, not very well, whether it be an electric guitar or acoustic, you for certain noticed that through certain time the sound becomes less ringing - time to change strings comes.

The better at you a string, the longer they will serve. On average the term of their service fluctuates from 1 month to 1 year. After this time quality of a sound considerably decreases. It occurs from - for the fact that between rounds of strings dust and other pollution gets.

Of course, it will be best of all if you get new strings. However there are several ways to improve quality of a sound and to prolong life old.

the Way first

you can clear strings by means of liquid for washing of ware. Any liquid which well deletes fat will approach. It is possible to use those means (for example, Fairy) which advertizing promises to wash fat ware even in cold water. Untwist splittings and accurately remove strings.

For washing of strings use a rigid sponge or a small brush. Having applied a small amount of detergent on a sponge, walk it several times along strings, and then carefully wash out them cool water. After that wipe your strings. Use for this purpose a towel or a cotton napkin - from a terry towel on strings there can be fibers which will pollute your strings again.

If you need a guitar right now before pulling the washed-out strings, carefully dry them. For this purpose spread out strings to a towel and evenly dry them the ordinary hair dryer.

the Way second

If your strings are strongly polluted by

, it is better not to wash them, and to boil. For this purpose you need a small saucepan, a little table salt and soda. Place strings in a saucepan and fill in with water. Water has to cover strings completely. Now fill a teaspoon of salt and three teaspoons of soda in water. You boil your strings not less than two hours. The main thing - to watch that they were always covered with water.

It is very good way to clear strings and to return them initial sounding. It is important to remember that this way is suitable only for metal strings, nylon from it will inevitably deteriorate.

When you will pull strings, be careful. If on them to boiling corrosion traces were visible, then after it the string can burst.

the Way third

This way will help not only to clear the polluted strings, but also to considerably prolong the term of their service. In shop of musical goods you can buy special devices for cleaning of strings. They often are issued in the form of the sponges impregnated with the degreasing means. By means of such sponge it is very simple and convenient to support strings in perfect tune.

You remember, cleaning of strings is in the first two ways a last resort, it is not necessary to resort to it too often. And that the sound of your strings long was pure and ringing, try not to grab a guitar dirty hands, you store and you transfer a guitar always only in a special cover.